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  When I was in college I ran for a city council seat. My platform had been that I as an elected official would do my best to serve the people to the best of my ability. I was quite vocal in regards to governments subserviant role in the life of the average person and how government was created to make peoples lives better. Of course I lost. My political opponents were arrogant, boastful, secretive, and played all the unethical political games that exist in all forms of government. The people had made their choice, they wanted not an employee to do the job of managing money and creating and maintaining infrastructure. Rather they wanted a parent who would give them free money and make them feel good about themselves. The people voted to be taken care of rather than take hold of the responsibility of taking care of themselves. Now the average person is paying the price for their willfull ignorance and negligence. The people have allowed a pitbull puppy to go untrained and uncared for and now it is a gigantic 300 lb behemoth that rules the household while the people can only stare in awe and wonderment while pretending ignorance in regards to howthe situation got as bad as it has and is showing signs of only getting worse.

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