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Let's Make a Deal

The cult of "government" is built on a series of superstitions and falsehoods. In short, authoritarianism must teach people that bad is good and up is down. Nearly all terminology regarding the mythical beast called "government" is inherently dishonest and misleading. As a result, statists rarely actually say what they mean, in blunt, simple, literally accurate terms. Instead, they do as they were trained, spouting euphemisms, distortions, and obfuscations, in an attempt to make the insane sound sane, and the evil sound good.
If you want to see an example of statists not wanting to say what they really believe, and what they really advocate, click on the following link, to a video I just posted, and then try it out on all your statist friends. See if they can honestly say what they believe, and what they condone, after watching it:

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Comment by PureTrust
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Judge Dredd is not an accepted rule of law in America. The most that any pre-trial type of court (grand jury) or judgment (judge signing a warrant) can do is to make a suggestion for reasonable cause. Now that the guy is dead, investigations have shown that he was not a drug trafficker, or even any sort of criminal.

So, who is the real criminal? A guy who carries a rifle in his own home, apparently without out intent to kill or harm - the safety was on, and totally legal in every way? A guy who talks a little about protecting himself because he has been violated by by members of the Government that is supposed to protect him? Or is it the Government, that won't obey its own basic rules of law? A government who uses violence without threat at times, and at other times when there is no direct threat to anybody?

So, since Government steps in and does the exact things that it has been designed to protect against, and that with a flagrant disregard for the rights of the ones it harms, it is the Government breaking the law. Since the Government can't really break the law, it is really some people claiming to be within the Government who are the law breakers by using Government in ways outside of what Government itself allows - by stepping outside of their authority.

Let's get the criminals, oath-breakers, and crooks out of Government, so that we can have a righteous peace in our land.

Comment by Kalantiaw
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I agree with what V.T. is saying. I commend him for his guts in saying it. Anyone who wants to shoot a cop dead because he believes that only a dead cop is a good cop is indeed, a PSYCHOPATH. The author of this "Let’s Make a Deal" crap had declared this crazy threat in writing.

A liar he is who denies that this particular "psychopath" has declared this violent preaching in writing.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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PureTrust you said: More and more you are sounding like the SWAT Team that broke into the guy's house and shot him dead because they just knew that he was out to kill them … Yeah … a SWAT Team raids the house of a drug trafficker who wanted to kill them and there he is confronting them with a rifle … what do you think is going to happen … do I need to tell you?

The person who was gunned down was not just a GUY – you made it sounds like the SWAT Team had killed an innocent man, an angel – he was one of the drug dealers engaged in criminal activities who with a rifle you said "was out to kill them" [to kill the raiding cops]. What are we talking about here?

Now that this "guy" ended up more dead than a cold cucumber, the cops were crazy?

When the raiding SWAT Team barged into his house "All the guy did was to have a rifle in his hand …" as he confronted them …and in your mind the raiding cops shouldn’t have shot him dead?

In your mind, the SWAT Team must have been "paranoid to do what they did"? Only psychopaths would think that the raiding SWAT Team was "paranoid" for shooting down a drug trafficker with a rifle in his hand.

Let’s put that mind in order, and let’s think straight here.

But the bottom line is -- no way ... no deal with a psychopath… too dangerous!

Comment by PureTrust
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Gee, V.T.. When was the last time you were you in the minds and hearts of anybody to find out that "this person believes that it is his God-given freedom to shoot cops dead because only a dead cop is a good cop!"

More and more you are sounding like the SWAT Team that broke into the guy's house and shot him dead because they just knew that he was out to kill them, and probably some cops, too. All the guy did was to have a rifle in his hand in his own home, something completely allowed by the 2nd, 4th and 5th Amendments. All he was doing was heading to the door to find out what all the ruckus outside his house was about.

Just get a little bit more paranoid, and you will be the one who will be judged a psychopath. I mean, look at how paranoid that SWAT Team must have been to do what they did. And here you are calling other people psychopaths because they are trying to protect their lives and their property? You're just kinda missing what life's about, aren't you?

Comment by Venancio Tan
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No deal with psychopaths. This person reported that he has been in jail for being a psychopath. A psychopath is one with personality disorder that among others, advocates violence.

For instance, this person believes that it is his God-given freedom to shoot cops dead because only a dead cop is a good cop!

A person like this – I am not only referring to Larken Rose -- is dangerous and should be confined in a mental asylum. There is nothing personal when I say this – it is just for security and safety reason if psychopaths – not just Larken Rose -- are loose and free to roam the streets.

In this Video, this twisted ugly character is saying that if you pay taxes to the Government, he believes that you do that in purpose to empower the Government to do evil to him or harm him. In his psychopathic world, paying taxes which is against his will is coercion that does violence to him as a free-thinking person.

Well, it might be a futile exercise, but at least I want this psychopath to know that I pay taxes to the Government so that among other things, I can drive on paved roads built by the taxes I paid. If that makes him sick, who cares … in fact he can go straight to hell for all I care. I assume that when he goes to the grocery, he doesn’t drive – he flies.

I wonder … if this very disturbed person is against everything that an ordinary law abiding American citizen is required to do to live a better life in this country … to make this Nation the greatest, the richest, and the mightiest on the planet – why is he still here? He is free to leave anytime … find a secluded island and spend the rest of his life there and be happy with his "philosophy" for as long as it keeps him alive, rather than live in a civilized world where he bothers others with his demonic beliefs, like urging people to shoot cops dead because it is an inalienable right to do it in the name of liberty and freedom! How sick he is, is perhaps unimaginable or beyond belief!

But then again to banish himself out of this country is not possible because he is not a normal person that could think what’s good for him – is he? No offense intended, but absolutely NO deals with psychopaths.

Comment by Anonymously Yours
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It is only a psychopath or fool who does not acknowledge that what is in reality legalized theft and coercion; what we call taxation in the realm of political correctness, is anything but unethical and immoral, requires me to ask my fascist adversaries, which one are you? Thinking that the institution of government, with its economic foundation based on such unethical behaviors as force, taxation and coersion, can foster a civil and just society, to me, requires even less intellectual capacity.