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Where Is The Outrage?

By David A. McElroy
October 1, 2012
Where is the outrage? Why are Americans meekly sitting still under the fascist brand of socialist tyranny overtaking the nation and bluntly telling us we are afforded no rights, no due process, whenever some government agent finds it convenient to get us. Under the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012, we can be detained indefinitely, tortured, or even killed with no right to an attorney, no warrants, no trial, no judicial review. The president can kill you with just his signature! But we sit still for it.
The Supreme Court ruled that the Obamacare penalty was actually a tax, rather than the tax Obama said it was. Ok. But the US Constitution says all tax bills must originate in the House of Representatives, not the Senate which initiated Obamacare. But not even a whimper on that lynchpin issue.
The House voted to repeal Obamacare, several times in fact. But it seems the unwanted program is proceeding full speed ahead as though there are no obstacles. It requires us to be micro chipped beginning in March, 2013, with a link to your bank account!
Obama violated the US Constitution forming the “Super Committee” of six senators and six congressmen, (six GOP and six Dems) plus himself, to make fiscal decisions. Again, the US Constitution stipulates that all tax and appropriation bills begin in the House. We heard no outcry for this usurpation of our Representatives. Of course, this committee, with six GOP and six Dems, if predictably deadlocked, would give Obama the deciding tie-breaking vote. The scheme was engineered to usurp the House’s fiscal authority and give Obama’s Democrats control. Amazingly, Obama has not submitted ONE budget since he took office. Preparing a federal budget is a major executive responsibility! But he has no problem spending the nation into bankruptcy while feathering his nest.
You may have read where maintaining the Obama First Family cost $1.4 BILLION, or over 20 times what the United Kingdom spent supporting the royal Windsor family! Of course, the queen and her family have some major private assets to rely upon, whereas Obama arose from a mysterious impoverished background with mysterious benefactors.
Any question of his origin brings derisive cat-calls from the usual suspects, despite his birth certificate and other documents being declared frauds by the Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio and other investigators. When attorney Orly Taitz sued to expose his fraudulent Social Security number, the federal court ruled that it did not matter if the president committed a fraud, his right to privacy as president trumped all charges! And yet Americans sit quietly for this outrageous violation of the great legal principle that “no man is above the law”!
Some persist in saying we can “Vote the bums out!” But they disregard the proven fraud in the election system, including testimony and demonstration of rigging the electronic voting machines. Then there are the dead people, dogs, felons, and illegal aliens voting with the blessings of county clerks and politicians. But you may have noticed that it is becoming difficult for our troops overseas to cast their votes, or have them counted!
The nation is many trillions of dollars in debt, with expectations that taxpayers will pay it off sometime before Hell freezes over. This, while millions of us are unemployed in a land where socialist government policies destroyed our small businesses in a massacre, dismantled manufacturing industries, reduced cultivated acreages and plowed farmers under, gutted commercial fishermen, junked independent truck drivers. Yet Uncle Sam still gives billions of dollars to countries overseas, even ones spitting in our faces!
Brazen denizens of the District of Criminals are confident of their “good ol’ boy club”. They don’t even bother to pretend they are honest, representative, or accountable any more. They openly trample the US Constitution , the Holy Bible, and We the People. A lot of them speak of population reduction and raising mortality rates. Obamacare is just a polite euphemism for euthanasia. Why do Americans not take to the streets? Is it the fluoride in their water, or the aspartame in their soda? Why are people not angry?
The only thing consistent about US law or policies anymore is our slavery and death. People are prosecuted even for cultivating a garden or collecting rainwater in a barrel! Banks are foreclosing on homes fully paid off, and Obama refuses to defend our borders!
I have spent over 20 years trying to warn America. It has been frustrating and horrifying to see the nation plunging into the dark godless abyss. Of course, some cheerful sorts say I just need to stop reading the news, turn off my computer, and think happy thoughts. Of course! That will solve everything. Just bury my head in the sand like a loyal member of the Ostrich family and trust no evil will kick my butt and pick my bones clean. Yeah, that’s how America became strong and offered hope to the world. Once upon a time. The problem I have with the Pledge of Allegiance is the sad fact that the republic, for which it stands, no longer exists. Neither Obama nor Romney will restore it, or even speak of it. That is why Ron Paul was cheated out of a slot in the GOP convention. Where is the outrage?

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