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Those "Old White Men”

If it wasn’t so sad, and if there was not so much at stake, like the future of our nation, as an example, one would have to just sit down and have a long laugh.  An election season has just lasted nearly four years, intensely for two years, and almost hysterically for a year.  Politics has been the center of attention for a great percentage of the American people, and others around the world, by newspaper, TV, radio, internet, and every other form of communication.  The subject has been the livelihood of any number of pundits, pollsters, publishers, cartoonists, and authors, not counting educators that teach political science in colleges and universities, and of course, let us not forget high school and elementary teachers.   Discounting the cost of Congressional races, and state and local contests, two billion dollars was spent just to decide the presidential outcome.  And guess what, we are right back where we started from.  The Elephants have the House of Representatives, and the Donkeys have the U.S. Senate and the White House.  
Even though the electoral vote was 302 – 206, which seems like a large margin, the election in reality turned on a few swing states, which actually made the outcome razor thin.  Just a few votes in Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Colorado or Iowa could have changed the outcome dramatically.  All agree that Romney’s basic problem was with four groups, the percentage that they voted for Obama is in brackets.  Blacks (91%), Hispanics (71%), single women (68%) and young voters ages 18-29 (60%).  Even at that, if Romney could have gotten the Hispanic vote, he still could have possibly won.
What does all this mean? Well, most people won’t like what it means because they have no biblical basis for their world view.  But if they will be quiet and just listen, they might learn something.  Who are the new enemies of the People’s Republic of Amerika?  “Old White Men.”  That’s what we were told, over and over again on election night, on every network.  Romney lost the election because of those “Old White Men.”  The Republican Party is just too white they said; it is controlled by those “Old White Men.”  I guess it never occurred to anyone that generally speaking, where there is an old white man, there is an old white woman hanging around somewhere.
We have constantly heard conservative principles enunciated such as, limited government, fewer taxes, closing tax loopholes, a stronger military, strengthening Social Security and Medicare, creating jobs, etc.  We have heard the pro-life social agenda, along with anti-gay rights, and anti-same sex marriage.  But seldom did we hear anyone say anything about Constitutional government.  Most academics despise the constitution because it is a document that was created by “Old White Men.”  Some of them, in fact, were slave owners and when it came time to establish who could vote they limited it to “white men” who were property owners.  And in some of the states, the word Christian would have been added to that description.  Now who did this eliminate?  I’ll let you, dear reader, make that judgment.
The scripture says concerning Israel, “And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them.” Isaiah 3:4.  Obviously there was a reason why the voting age was 21.  The old adage, “If we are old enough to fight, we should be old enough to vote” would mean that brawn would be greater than brains.  And as to the single women turning this election because they want control of their own bodies to have unlimited abortions and access to free birth control pills and devices, especially at a time when our country is going over a Twenty Trillion Dollar financial cliff, and four brave men died in Libya is unconscionable.  Again Isaiah said in the same chapter, “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”
Bill O’Reilly asked Bob Beckel why he thought single women voted for Obama in droves, and he said, “Because they want their space.”  In other words, they don’t want government telling them what to do.  They don’t want any restrictions on how to live their lives.  He is right in my opinion.  Most of them do not want anyone telling them how to live -- God, Government or a husband.  They have no authority over them.  And yet they want all of the government handouts that they can get, because they can get their goodies from government without condemnation with commendation.  But just remember ladies, “Come shekels, come shackles”.  And Paul the Apostle said,But she that liveth in pleasure is dead while she liveth.”
It’s an interesting thing about “Old White Men.”  I have stood in Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  Most of those men were “Old White Men” who paid that awful cost to sign that sacred document.  And all but one of our Presidents have been “Old White Men.”  Abraham Lincoln and General Robert E. Lee were “Old White Men” who poured out the blood of half a  million white young men to free the black man.  Most of Generals and Admirals have been “Old White Men” like Pershing, Patton, Halsey and “Ike.”
The captains of industry have been “Old White Men” like Vanderbilt, Carnegie, and Rockefeller.  Our great inventors have been “Old White Men” like Whitney, Edison, and Ford.  Our great oil men have been “Old White Men” like Hunt and Murchison and Richardson, who helped win World War II with their oil production and built Houston, Dallas, and Ft. Worth along with it.
And shall we talk about the “Old White Men” who have been the great warriors of the faith who have almost singularly kept this nation from going to hell? Roger Williams, Dr. John Clarke, Whitefield, Shubal Stearns, Finney, Sam Jones, D.S. Moody, Bob Jones, Sr. Dr. J. Frank Norris,  John R. Rice, G. B. Vick, Billy Graham, Vernon McGhee and a host of others too numerous to mention?  And this is not to mention the “Old White Men” who built the Colleges and Universities, many of them for Blacks and minorities, and the Bible Colleges and Seminaries.  And what about the great charitable foundations that were established by those “Old White Men” that have provided untold millions, again for education and health care for Blacks and minorities.
Were these men perfect by any means?  Of course they were not.  They all had their own faults, foibles and failures, some more than others.  But in their time they all had their part in feeding, clothing, educating, and setting at liberty those of their generation.
But “Old White Men” have really taken a hit in this country for a very long while now, especially in movies, TV, cartoons, etc. They have been pictured as the Archie Bunkers of our nation, ignorant rednecks, buffoons, milch-toasts, mamby pamby wimps, good for nothing but to bring home the bacon and leave everything else to the “little lady” who wears the pants in the family, and to provide nothing but the car keys and cellphone for the kids.
Will Republicans ever win elections again?  Yes, they will come back.  They have several governorships, many state legislatures, and the House of Representatives.  But they are going to cave into the trap of believing that they have to broaden their base.  And before long, we won’t have two parties in America.  We barely have now.  Both parties will be ruled by Blacks, Hispanics, single women, and the young.  And they won’t have to worry about the “Old White Men” and women anymore because they will be euthanized by Obama’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, the “Death Panel”.  And the old Black men and women, and old Hispanic men and women, and old Asian men and women, and old Indian men and women, and the young women when they become old hags (without their makeup), and the young people when they become old tottering men and women, long after this generation of “Old White Men” and women are gone, will possibly know then when it is too late, that maybe they should have listened to the “Old White Men.”
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Comment by PureTrust
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The old-west cowboy had managed to secure a room in the hotel for a night. This was a luxury generally beyond his means.

Sometime during the night, something disturbed his sleep, and he awakened in this unfamiliar place. He lay, in silence, in the dark, his only light the light of a long-waning moon, shining dimly, in through the window.

What had awakened him? Everything was stillness and silence. Then he saw it, a white hand inching its way up, over the foot his bed.

Terror gripped him. He held his breath as he slowly reached for his gun on the wash stand by the side of the bed. As he moved, the hand slid further in it's slow, upward movement.

Quietly, the cowboy thumbed the hammer back, all the while holding the trigger tight, so there wouldn't be any noise of of the gun being cocked.

Steady, now steady. Carefully aim. Fire and pain.


Old White Men have been, throughout their lives, a little like that cowboy. They shoot themselves in the foot once in awhile. They don't do it very often, however, as can be seen by the fact that they are OLD White Men.

Life works like it works. There isn't any way to make it work against its own rules. If you shoot yourself in the foot, you simply have to put up with it. If you can't stop the bleeding, you might possibly die young.

In the scale of time, America isn't all that old. Yet she might be, if you consider her as an extension of Europe, which is really only an extension of ancient Rome.

Many of the Young White Men live long enough to become Old White Men. But it seems that they all pass on somewhere along the line.

Life works like it works. There isn't any way to make it work against its own rules.

Comment by GrandPoobah
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My first reaction was to say that this entire column was nothng but the verbal equivelant of sh*t. But that would not be inaccurate since Sh*t at least feeds the plants. Rather I will go back to a statement by another old white man "This is not even wrong". And to elaborate a little bit, is it is a string of words by someone with definite psychopathic controlling tendencies 

Comment by McElchap
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Yep, everything about America's Founders, and American Heritage, is being trashed. Christianity is especially savaged. A lot of this stems from modern social engineers applying modern concerns to the 18th Century situations with little regard to circumstances or worldviews of the people who actually lived at that time. Much of the writing about the founding generation is badly skewed. As they say, hind sight is 20/20! While not perfect, compared with other nations and societies of that era, America was quite progressive in the move to give common people personal independence and representation in government. Socialism crept into America early on, and reigned us into statism. Slaves then were at times better off than wage slaves today. Lincoln had Marxist sympathizers in his staff. Evil is not a skin color, nor is virtue. But America was founded by white folks of European Christian extraction, industrious, ambitious, liberty oriented people seeking their destiny free of monarchs. They set a high standard in history that socialists desperately want to erase.  We must be vigilant.

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