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Comment by McElchap
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Yep, everything about America's Founders, and American Heritage, is being trashed. Christianity is especially savaged. A lot of this stems from modern social engineers applying modern concerns to the 18th Century situations with little regard to circumstances or worldviews of the people who actually lived at that time. Much of the writing about the founding generation is badly skewed. As they say, hind sight is 20/20! While not perfect, compared with other nations and societies of that era, America was quite progressive in the move to give common people personal independence and representation in government. Socialism crept into America early on, and reigned us into statism. Slaves then were at times better off than wage slaves today. Lincoln had Marxist sympathizers in his staff. Evil is not a skin color, nor is virtue. But America was founded by white folks of European Christian extraction, industrious, ambitious, liberty oriented people seeking their destiny free of monarchs. They set a high standard in history that socialists desperately want to erase.  We must be vigilant.

Comment by GrandPoobah
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My first reaction was to say that this entire column was nothng but the verbal equivelant of sh*t. But that would not be inaccurate since Sh*t at least feeds the plants. Rather I will go back to a statement by another old white man "This is not even wrong". And to elaborate a little bit, is it is a string of words by someone with definite psychopathic controlling tendencies 

Comment by PureTrust
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The old-west cowboy had managed to secure a room in the hotel for a night. This was a luxury generally beyond his means.

Sometime during the night, something disturbed his sleep, and he awakened in this unfamiliar place. He lay, in silence, in the dark, his only light the light of a long-waning moon, shining dimly, in through the window.

What had awakened him? Everything was stillness and silence. Then he saw it, a white hand inching its way up, over the foot his bed.

Terror gripped him. He held his breath as he slowly reached for his gun on the wash stand by the side of the bed. As he moved, the hand slid further in it's slow, upward movement.

Quietly, the cowboy thumbed the hammer back, all the while holding the trigger tight, so there wouldn't be any noise of of the gun being cocked.

Steady, now steady. Carefully aim. Fire and pain.


Old White Men have been, throughout their lives, a little like that cowboy. They shoot themselves in the foot once in awhile. They don't do it very often, however, as can be seen by the fact that they are OLD White Men.

Life works like it works. There isn't any way to make it work against its own rules. If you shoot yourself in the foot, you simply have to put up with it. If you can't stop the bleeding, you might possibly die young.

In the scale of time, America isn't all that old. Yet she might be, if you consider her as an extension of Europe, which is really only an extension of ancient Rome.

Many of the Young White Men live long enough to become Old White Men. But it seems that they all pass on somewhere along the line.

Life works like it works. There isn't any way to make it work against its own rules.

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