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The Generation Gap Has Been Produced, Part III

(Continued from May 29, 2014 Freedom’s Phoenix

Satan's long range plans

As we said in the article that appeared in the Freedom’s Phoenix yesterday, May 29 titled, The Ten Commandments of the New World Order, that we were going to continue these as a series under the general subject: The Generation Gap has been Produced, this is the third in that series.  Today we begin the second stage of those articles, so to speak, by examining more closely as to how these conspirators, and it is a conspiracy of the highest order, expect to implement these new commandments. 

To do so there has to be a total new mind set, or brain washing, if you will, of a new generation to accept these new Commandments of the NWO, which are written on the Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County, Georgia. This monument to infidelity and neo-paganism has stood for nearly thirty-two years in stark silence, holding forth the torch of rebellion against the flame of American Republicanism and Christian liberty. It is a monument to the earth goddess Gaia, which is the goddess of the environmentalism cult. Their goals are clearly laid out, chiseled in granite for all to see who are willing to take time to look.


The Georgia Guidestones

For the new 10 commandments to replace the commandments that God gave to Moses on Sinai, there must be a philosophical gulf prepared between the old and new generation. There has to be a change of thinking in seven distinctive world views in the Christian world for this to happen, and in reality even in the world as a whole. Dave Breese wrote a book in 1990 titled Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave. I am convinced that these seven men, Giants of iniquity, were prepared by Satan himself to be sent ahead of time to sow the seeds of rebellion against God and His Son Jesus. "There were giants in the earth in those days…men of renown." (Genesis 6:4). And so there are giants of wickedness in the world today. This is the reason that evil men and seducers shall "wax worse and worse," as Paul told his son in the ministry, Timothy.

These seven men are: Charles Darwin - The Father of Organic and Social Evolution; Karl Marx - The Father of "Scientific" Socialism-by revolution-Communism; Julius Wellhausen - The Father of Religious Liberalism-Modernism; Sigmund Freud - The Father of Psychoanalysis Therapy - Psychology replaces religion; John Dewey - The Father of Modern Education - Schools replaced the homes and churches; John Maynard Keynes - The Father of Keynesian economics; Soren Kierkegaard - The Father of existentialism, or Neoorthodoxy. In the final analysis, the last giant of rebellion against Christ and His Word, Kierkegaard, has probably done the worst damage to Christ and His Church, because it is the most subtle of the other six. We begin our study with:

Charles Darwin-The Father of Organic and Social Evolution


Charles Darwin

How does Darwin rule from the grave? In Chapter 3, Breese explains. The answer has to do with the questions everyone asks at some time: What makes the world continue? Where did I come from? Why are things as they are, etc.? The ideas of evolution have left the confines of biology, botany, paleontology and are now applied to the social structure at large. This is called Social Darwinism and is foundational for our culture. This is how he rules our society from the grave.

What are the assumptions that make up this Social Darwinism? The first is the idea that the social structure is engineered and controlled by impersonal forces rather than by God. Until the emergence of Social Darwinism, it was generally held in the West that the process of history constantly revealed that the Judeo-Christian God was behind it. This was the position of the founders of America. All other realities were examined on this basis.

Darwin changed all of this. His idea of natural selection is meaningless gibberish. If there is an impersonal force that powers nature, then there is an impersonal force that powers history. Darwin himself, though growing up with Christian influences, progressed to the point that his life was ascribed to the control of impersonal forces. God was exchanged for a depersonalized force. Our society has gone the same direction as they have embraced his teaching. As a nation, we have gone from believing in a God who rules in the affairs of men, to a secular society who believes in an impersonal force. In fact, many are almost willing now to even say, "The force be with you." So this is the first result of Social Darwinism. The social structure is engineered and controlled by impersonal forces.

The second assumption of Social Darwinism is that society is moving upward from a mean past to an improving future. Man came from the primordial slime and evolved over billions of years up through the animal world until finally he came down out of the trees and was able to send a rocket to the moon. But what about disease, famine, and sorrows? What about wars that kill far more in a few minutes than the ancients could have ever imagined? And shall we discuss man's morals which are not improving by any measurement? In fact, the more we teach our children that they come from animals, the more they act like animals. Breese is right when he says, "When advancing technology and declining morality occur concurrently, as they do in our time, they become a time bomb capable of blowing history into a thousand pieces."

The third assumption of Social Darwinism is that man, though human, is nothing more than a higher sort of animal. This is set forth in a book by Desmond Morris, The Naked Ape (1980). But try as he will, science cannot explain man's moral nature. Science cannot explain man's conscience. Science cannot explain why wherever man is found, no matter how primitive, he has some concept of a god, sin, expiation for sin, a moral code, etc.

The fourth assumption of Social Darwinism is that soul and spirit are but chemical actions of the brain. There is no final authority. If natural selection is true, then might makes right, and we have nothing but the law of the jungle. Brute force wins. It is brawn over brains. It is might over right. Flesh over the spirit. We have a world of total hopelessness. We would have one vast Jonestown.

We should not make a god out of science nor a hero of Darwin. If Darwin could come back from the grave today, I believe he would say, "I was a fool, but those that followed me were even greater fools than I."  God put it more succinctly, “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.”

(To be continued tomorrow: Karl Marx - The Father of "Scientific" Socialism by revolution-Communism).

Dr. Dixon was a pastor for nearly fifty years until he retired from the active pastorate.  He is now the National Director of the Biblical Law Center

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