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Wrongfully Bashing Iran

Wrongfully Bashing Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

For nearly four decades, Iran has been wrongfully accused of being an "active state sponsor of terrorism," its regional "central banker" - pursuing nuclear weapons and Israel's destruction. Truth is polar opposite.

Other fabricated accusations include regional assassinations, financially supporting North Korea's nuclear weapons program, breaching the JCPOA nuclear deal, threatening its neighbors, violating Security Council resolutions, and lots more - all false!

Earlier, President Hassan Rouhani said "Iranians well know that they should resist and stand against their enemies." 

"Over the past 40 years, the Iranians have faced numerous pressures, sanctions and accusations by the US politicians and their propaganda machine."

"The Americans cannot tolerate an independent and influential country in this sensitive region."

Nor can Israel, wanting its main regional rival eliminated. AIPAC calls for "develop(ing) a comprehensive strategy for Iran," falsely accusing the country of being "the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism…the greatest long-term threat to US and Israeli interests in the Middle East."

Utter rubbish! The US/NATO/Israeli/Saudi axis is humanity's greatest threat.

Piling on Iran unjustly continues, including false claims of regional aggression, arming terrorist groups, threatening Middle East security, and the latest phony accusations:

— supplying Yemeni Houthi fighters with long-range ballistic missiles able to reach Riyadh, and

— sabotaging a Bahraini oil pipeline, causing an explosion and fire.

Bahraini interior ministry statement lied, claiming "(t)he incident was an act of sabotage and a dangerous act of terrorism aimed at harming the higher interests of the nation and the safety of the people."

"Terrorist acts witnessed by the country in the recent period are carried out through direct contacts and instructions from Iran."

A Saudi statement said its regime "increased its security presence at all its facilities," adding "these facilities enjoy the highest levels of protection and safety."

Separately, Saudi minister of state and gulf affairs, Thamer al-Sabhan, claimed "Lebanon is kidnapped by the militias of Hezbollah and behind it is Iran."

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi dismissed the accusation of Iranian responsibility for the Bahrain pipeline explosion saying:

"Apparently, the only thing that Bahraini officials have been taught to utter following any incidents in the island is accusing Iran," adding:

"The era of such delusional remarks and lies as well as hype and childish accusations is over."

"We have always insisted and stressed that we consider stability and security in all our neighbors as our own stability and security and remain committed to it."

All the above fabricate anti-Iran accusations stem from its sovereign independence and opposition to US/Israeli imperialism, supported by Riyadh and most other rogue Arab states covertly, growing increasingly overtly.

Iran is a frontline state, combating the scourge of terrorism Washington and its rogue allies support.

Big Lies about its government and agenda by hostile regimes and Western media scoundrels continue suppressing hard truths.

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