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Freedoms Phoenix audience more news individuals main stream is dedicated to empowering individuals to report the news.  Our Website is comprised of a loosely knit group of tireless individuals / activists who in many cases, first create the news they later report on.  These news Pro-sumers and editors on are then free to express themselves without being subjected to the filters of a slavering collective mainstream media awaiting the approval of their government masters. was developed to empower those individuals to satisfy the hunger in the minds of people worldwide for honest reporting and information that is grossly neglected in the mainstream media.

As a result of this forethought visitors are largely Pro-Freedom minded individuals, activists, and others who desire unfiltered news in a format that allows an individual to quickly find out what is going on in their world. is also set up as an important tool for News and Talk Radio producers, Internet broadcasters, and Bloggers. By being a advertiser on give you access to this important segment of the population.  You will have the opportunity to influence those people who INFLUENCE OTHERS.
The site shows you what are the demographics for the website. visitor is likely to visit the following sites:
Wired Magazine
New Scientist
New Scientist 
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