How to get Declare Your Independence on the radio in your area
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Get DYI in your area
General Managers and Program Director's   
Ernest Hancock delivers a strong Pro Freedom message that people are HUNGRY for!  You can easily add "Declare You Independence" to your talk show line-up!   
Please contact our Affiliate Relations Department by calling Thomas Costanzo at 602-434-1725 or email him at Sales (at) FreedomsPhoenix (dot) com  Let him know you would like to carry the program.  Thomas will be more than happy to answer all your questions.  
Bring "Declare Your Independence" to YOUR local radio station!  
Are you not satisfied with the same boring news and commentary on the Main Stream Media?  Are you a listener of  "Declare Your Independence" and would you like to bring Ernest Hancock to a radio station in your area?  You can help us do just that!  
This is what you would do to help bring 'the show' to one of your local talk radio stations:  
1. Place a brief telephone call, email, or write a short note to your local talk station's Program Director and request that they add the program to their broadcast schedule.   
2. Inform the program manager there are there are local businesses or sponsors in your city that you know who might want to sponsor the program in your town, and let the Program manager know who they are.   
3. When the Program Manager expresses interest, send us an email with the contact information to sales(at)FreedomsPhoenix(dot)com please advise us by supplying the Program Manager's name, station call letters,city and we will be happy to make a full presentation to your local station.   
4. Remember, Program Directors pay attention to YOUR requests!  
Thanks,   Thomas Costanzo & Ernest Hancock - "Declare Your Independence" 

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