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Criminal Justice System

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Jonathan Turley

The Big Banks continued unlawful actions that only result in "slap on the wrist fines" that in many cases are passed on to the shareholders and/or used as a tax deduction. Wall Street and the Banksters have not learned a thing. Or have they?

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Simple Justice

"In my opinion, Northwestern, [The Innocence Project's] Protess and Ciolino framed Simon so that they could secure the release of (Anthony) Porter and make him into the poster boy for the anti-death penalty movement," he said.

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by William N. Grigg (Lew Rockwell blog)

Undercover police monitoring a bar in Las Cruces, New Mexico were giddy with covetousness when they saw a man drive up in a brand-new Mercedes. As city attorney Harry S. Connelly later explained, the cops were delighted to find that the man had been