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Criminal Justice System

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by Martin Hill,

In an outrageous illustration of government corruption gone mad, traffic court clerks in Los Angeles County have resorted to telling defendants who want to plead not guilty to traffic citations that traffic ticket trials are 'not permitted due to bud

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Liz Jones (r3VOLutionary) on Eric Cantor losing re-election - David Ridler (activist from Michigan) says hello - Lynn Ulbricht (mother of Dread Pirate Roberts, Ross Ulbricht) on her plight to get her son out of jail - Carla Gericke (Pres FSP) on Porc

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by William N. Grigg (Lew Rockwell blog)

“Make them cry,” exhorted an IRS instructor.... "Enforcement. Seizure and sales. That’s our mind-set…. You’re not out there to take any prisoners. Prisoners are like an installment agreement. They have to be fed and clothed and housed