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Education: Government Schools

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By Michael Snyder

Whenever you let federal bureaucrats get their hands on anything they are probably going to ruin it. During the Obama administration, the Department of Education spearheaded a transformation of American education that was absolutely breathtaking.

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they used to and ten times more than elsewhere...There are many examples where costs have gone up well over ten times in education, healthcare and other areas but have not had the proportional improvement. Some importnant things cost 10 times as much

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Chicago, Illinois, has a chronic inflated state problem disguised as a schooling problem. In order to eradicate the symptom, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has decided to attack those who suffer from it and not the actual root of the problem -- adopting a class

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In September 2015, Neil deGrasse Tyson interviewed Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who revealed the mass spying program(s) used across the globe by multiple intelligence agencies, private governments, and more. His revelations had broad and imm

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We've spent a fair amount of time over the past several years writing about the 'participation trophy generation' (a.k.a. "millennials) and, more specifically, how their inflated sense of entitlement and self-worth, irrespective of work effor

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of physics, because real physics is dominated by men like Sir Isaac Newton...(Natural News) It should be said -- plainly, loudly and often -- that far-Left "progressives" and their ideological soulmates in the Democratic Party care nothing abou

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(Natural News) To say that things are out of control on the campus of the uber-Left-wing Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, is, frankly, a massive understatement. The situation there has devolved into something so surreal if you wrote do

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and science, warn scientists...(Natural News) Can too much structure kill creativity? According to researchers at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management, the answer is yes. In a series of experiments, authors of the study found tha