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Employee and Employer Relations

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In this episode of Common Sense Soapbox, Seamus explains to Bob the history of American health care, how 90% of private insurance came to be provided through employers as a result of WWII-era price controls and tax exemptions, and how decoupling insu

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A new report shows that today in the US, the CEO-to-worker pay gap stands at 351 to one, an increase from 15 to one in 1965. How does this massive wealth transfer continue and are consecutive leaders' pledges to tackle the issue just empty rhetoric?

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More and more companies have pushed back their return date to the office until later this fall or early next year because cases of the delta variant continue to surge. This comes as office demand shows signs of life, but rents are expected to remain

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Over the past decades, the healthcare industry in the United States has undergone a fundamental and troubling transformation in the quality and core characteristics of healthcare workers. This shift has brought Marxist ideology into healthcare.