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The Zhenli Ye Gon case was dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct. (Details here.) How was the misconduct discovered? Zhenli Ye Gon was a rich drug dealer whom federal prosecutors deemed unworthy of a fair trial. And so prosecutors hid evidence. Fortunately for Ye Gon, he was able to pay lawyers to work tirelessly on his case. If Ye Gon had been poor, the hidden evidence would never have been uncovered. In the prosecution of former Senator Ted Stevens, prosecutors also withheld evidence. Stevens, fortunately, was able to pay millions to Williams & Connolly. The Duke players were able to expose the rape complaint as a hoax only after their lawyers re-reviewed thousands of pages of documents. Ye Gon, Stevens, and Duke have a common theme: With big budgets, every stone is unturned. The poor and middle class are not so lucky. III. Equal Justice Should Not Cost Seven Figures. Equal justice under the law is a constitutional requirement, not a privilege one purch

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Michael Gaddy

Millions of Americans have joined the NRA, send money for dues and are solicited many times each year for donations to assist with the legal rights of gun owners– or so they say. Well, they are paying their lawyers all right, but not to defend the rights of those they claim to represent.  

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Curfews might not be just for kids anymore in one city in northern New Jersey.

Officials in Paterson are considering one for people of all ages in a bid to curb violence after a spate of deadly shootings.

Several experts say they believe it would be the nation's first curfew of its type to include adults. The state ACLU says it would open Paterson to legal action.


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Black Listed News

Dissent is the only thing that keeps this country on the rails. Differing opinions and free-thinking Americans make this country great and yet the new Obama-Soros Communications Commissar will take dissenting voices off the air because might makes right in his mind.  

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  America and its freedom is about to be destroyed.. We are now faced with the loss of our sovereignty, and lose what little freedom we have left. And now I read that there is a new bill to prevent political dissents from owning guns, the bill is HR 2159. This bill is being pushed by the GOP rep Peter King of New York and has the support of a number of other members of the GOP. Peter King is also being supported by 9/11 Families For a Secure America. 911 Families For a Secure America also is in support of other programs aimed at destroying our Liberties.Programs that were designed by the DHS such as the E-Verify and The Real Id Act both which promise security at the expense of liberty, we were warned about giving up our liberties for the promise of security 243 years ago.

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Blog of Bile video

Note they are enforcing a law they don’t know. Searching bags and refusing people entry “because it says right on the sign.” Also note that they don’t care if I go to another station.

While talking with the three officers the one to the left and right of center stared at pins on my bookbag. These includes “Taxation is Theft”, “This is what an average, responsible gun-owner looks like”, a Ron Paul 2008 pin, Ron Paul patch, “Don’t Tread On Me: Live Free or Die” patch, and “I Do Not Consent To Being Searched” and then the 4th Amendment.


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Freedom Fighter Radio

We need your support Now to help us continue and to take this to the next level. To help us stay on the air. If you’re a concerned citizen, deeply worried about where America is headed politically, disgusted by the media-ignored threats, fed up with the relentless attacks on our freedoms and beliefs, and concerned about the taxing effects on our way of life.

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News Day

As questions about gun rights swirl around the nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice, and debate continues over attempts in Congress to make it easier to carry concealed weapons state-to-state, an increasing number of Long Islanders are applying for pistol permits. The reasons? Those interviewed at local shooting ranges and gun shops say they are anxious about the possibility of stricter gun laws under a new Administration, and about their personal safety in a weakened economy.

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  Imagine you are driving to your desired destination and all of a sudden you see lights flashing in your rear view mirror. Being a good citizen you instinctively look for a good place to pull over. You are ready for the approaching officer with your registration and driver license in hand. Presenting the “officer” with your credentials he asks you if you know why you were pulled over. Again, being a good citizen you answer to the best of your ability. Then things take a turn for the worse. You feel a sinking feeling as the officer asks you to step out of the vehicle.