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Article Image News Link • Global, By Kyle Wiens

Just the other day, I got a card in the mail for my 30th birthday. When I opened it up, the card started singing “Happy Birthday.” And that little thing — pealing out at the top of its automated lungs — made me laugh. What a strange thing to computer

Article Image News Link • Global

washingtonpost, By Steven Rich and Barton Gellman

In room-size metal boxes ­secure against electromagnetic leaks, the National Security Agency is racing to build a computer that could break nearly every kind of encryption used to protect banking, medical, business and government records around the w

Article Image News Link • Global, By Darren Quick

In his 2005 paper, Professor of Physics Johan Åkerman touted magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) as a promising candidate for a "universal memory" that could replace the various types of memory commonly found alongside each other in modern e

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