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Sony and Panasonic announce successor to Blu-ray

•, Robin Burks
Now that most consumers are storing more of their data in the cloud, optical discs are becoming obsolete. We have our music on our phones. We keep our important documents in the cloud. And flash drives are an inexpensive and hassle-free way to carry other data. Although some video games have even moved to the cloud, their large file sizes make them more difficult to store and play that way, and that’s where Archival Disc will come in handy.
Archival Disc allows video games to have even more detail and more lifelike graphics. The extra storage would allow game developers to get as realistic as they want to, without needing to sacrifice details due to file sizes. Gamers benefit and everyone wins: we get games that look better than ever. These discs could also be used for game streaming services (like Sony’s upcoming Playstation Now). These new discs would make storing game data inexpensive and easy.
But the Archival Disc isn’t just limited to benefitting the game industry. The entertainment industry could also use the extra storage. Think of those big boxes of DVD’s that hold seasons of television shows. More data storage means fewer discs. This cuts down costs for the industry and will, hopefully, result in savings for the consumer.

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