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Some 500 political and business leaders including 200 local deputies of China's top legislature, the National People's Congress, as well as pro-Beijing Hong Kong execs and chamber of commerce officials gathered Wednesday to discuss the ongoing Hong

Article Image News Link • Global, Tyler Durden

As a peaceful Saturday demonstration spiraled into chaos, Hong Kong police have fired tear gas at anti-government activists who have been protesting for nine weeks against a controversial bill which would have allowed people to be extradited to mainl

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Nearly 1,400 people were detained in a violent police crackdown on an opposition protest in Moscow, a Russian monitoring group said Sunday, adding that was the largest number of detentions at a rally in the Russian capital this decade.

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Hundreds of protesters chanting "Free Hong Kong!" filled the Hong Kong International Airport on Friday, seeking attention from international arrivals and demanding a thorough investigation of last Sunday's mob attack on activists at a train sta

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Press for Truth - Dan Dicks

A lot of people are mad as hell and they don't want to take it anymore and all they need is an idea and some motivation and guided direction and if it's done right, the global elite's house of cards will come crashing down in spectacular fashio

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Paris: As many as 700 'Black Vest' protesters filled the Pantheon, a popular tourist site and mausoleum, where the most renowned French national heroes, such as Voltaire and Victor Hugo, are buried, and the demonstrators insisted on meeting with

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Air Force promising to respond to the fake event with violence...A Facebook "sh*tpost" meant to troll the US government and alien conspiracy theorists alike has morphed into a massive ordeal with the government promising violence against anyone w

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Cindy Sheehan (Anti-war activist and peace mom) comes on the show to talk about Rage Against the War Machine - March on the Pentagon -- Mike Sylvia (NH State Rep) on Freedom and Liberty in politics - Occupancy Permits challenged

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who isn't a Left-wing Nazi Brown Shirt... (Natural News) Increasingly unhinged American Leftists claim they are opposed to bigots, racists, and, of course, "facists," but the reality is, in opposing people who simply disagree with them politic

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