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It’s only natural that the Democratic incumbent, Barack Obama, and the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, should participate in tonight’s first presidential debate, but in fact there are two other candidates who qualified for the ballot in enough st

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If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the American media act as presstitutes for rich and powerful Americans.

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As Detroit residents fled one of the nation's most-distressed cities in waves, then-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick enriched himself and his allies by rigging public contracts, shaking down businessmen and pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars,

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This may seem like a “now for something completely different” post, but this story about Blackwater and a much smaller miscreant is yet another window into our American two tier justice system. Plus you will learn something about gun laws.

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Starting next year, new rules designed to prevent another meltdown will force traders to post U.S. Treasury bonds or other top-rated holdings to guarantee more of their bets.

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During the Vietnam War, Sweden was an independent country with a moral conscience, and Sweden gave sanctuary to US war protestors who refused the draft. Washington realized the cost to itself and purchased the Swedish government in order to prevent a

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Last month, Mark Kitto, a British businessman who built (and subsequently lost) an empire of English-language magazines in China, wrote a 4,000 word article for the UK's Prospect magazine explaining why, after 26 years, he was finally leaving China.

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There was another chapter in the China Kleotocracy story the past week. Western press reported on a fellow by the name of Wang Guoqiang. Wang fled China with $30Mn in his pocket back in April. The problem is that the loot was stolen from the treasur