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The DOW Code

The hidden system (the engine of our market) is written by a human hand, with the help of his/her programming computer. The Achilles Heel of hiding the system is: The Programmer's computer has to be perfect to the one hundredth, tied to the exact Hig

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The GMO poison food producer, Monsanto, and the great profiteer from all tragedies, Goldman Sachs, are engaged in their own special version of who is the most evil corporation on the face of the earth.

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The state-sanctioned kidnapping of Sara Ybarra-Johnson’s three sons under color of law – human trafficking of children for profit! Forensic investigator, expert witness and documentary filmmaker, Zed McLarnon, and expose

News Link • Global Reported By Karla Johnson
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The New York Times

Goldman Sachs recently sold its shares of, a website dedicated to the trafficking of underage sex workers. As if the shadowy private equity firm couldn't get any more suspicious, they have now been outed as owning the questionable site.

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