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Riccardo Spagni (part of the Core Team of Monero) talks about the untraceable and open-source currency - James Corbett (The Corbett Report) provides World News Update, GOP POTUS Circus, Syria, Russia - Greg Peterson (The Urban Farm) provides an updat

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Monsanto inadvertently created. (NaturalNews) Scientists from Harvard, in partnership with Monsanto, claim to have discovered a chemical engineering fix to solve the ongoing agricultural problem of insects evolving resistance to the Bacillus thuringi

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to grow more organic food. (NaturalNews) In news that will be embraced by health-conscious consumers and organic farmers alike, Costco is finding the demand for organic food to be so staggering, that it is lending money to farmers so they can grow en

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canola oils. (NaturalNews) In an effort to avoid the health-harming problems caused by GMO soy, corn and canola oils, food manufacturers are turning to the cleaner, non-GMO benefits of sunflower oil. Furthermore, sunflower oil is void of trans fats,

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causing the development of herbicide-resistant weeds, which are becoming a huge problem for farmers. This resistance, combined with the toxicity of herbicides, means that it is crucial that we find an alternative way to get rid of those pesky weeds