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Defending Archimedes

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Maximum PC

He had an idea, and tested it by building two solar panel arrays; one in the typical flat-panel design, and another modeled after the branching of trees. The results were amazing. The "solar tree" collected 20 percent more electricity, or roughly 2.5

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A Dutch court ordered authorities to take temporary guardianship of a 13-year-old girl, delaying her plan to sail solo around the world until psychologists can assess her capacity to undertake such a risky voyage.

Judges said Laura Dekker would face both mental and physical risks if she were allowed to go ahead with the two-year trip in her 26-foot (8-meter) boat named Guppy.

The court said she could continue living with her father, but would become the responsibility of Dutch child care officials for two months while an independent child psychologist evaluated her case.


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John Taylor Gatto

Twenty-six years ago, having nothing better to do at the time, I tried my hand at school teaching. The license I hold certifies that I am an instructor of English language and English literature, but that isn't what I do at all. I don't teach English, I teach school -- and I win awards doing it.       Teaching means different things in different places, but seven lessons are universally taught from Harlem to Hollywood Hills. They constitute a national curriculum you pay for in more ways than you can imagine, so you might as well know what it is. You are at liberty, of course, to regard these lessons any way you like, but believe me when I say I intend no irony in this presentation. These are the things I teach, these are the things you pay me to teach. Make of them what you will. 1. CONFUSION 2. CLASS POSITION 3. INDIFFERENCE 4. EMOTIONAL DEPENDENCY 5. INTELLECTUAL DEPENDENCY 6. PROVISIONAL SELF-ESTEEM 7. ONE CAN'T HIDE

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