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Sharon Secor 

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Sharon Secor
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Blog: Practicing Resistance and Raising Revolutionaries
Sharon Secor is a freelance writer experimenting with sustainable living, alternative energy, and self-sufficiency, enjoying the experience in the remote high plains of the Chihuahuan Desert. Her journey into freelance writing was inspired by Christine de Pisan (1364-1429), a widow and writer of social commentary who, in addition to being one of France’s earliest well-known female authors, was able to support her children through her writing. In addition to writing social, political, and economic commentary, Ms. Secor also specializes in copy writing and SEO content, writing a broad range of articles for numerous websites and publications, and is working on her first novel. Ms. Secor is gradually working towards completing a double major in Journalism and Spanish " preparation for writing for both English and Spanish language markets about social and economic issues in Latin America, as influenced by increased industrialization and the global marketplace. As a political anarchist and single parent, she also devotes her time to practicing resistance and raising revolutionaries.  

Current Columns and Articles

Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Please Help Us Protect Our Rights 
   Yet again, in what appears to be becoming an annual event, I am forced to defend our most basic rights. I hope you'll take a couple minutes of your time to assist.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Unfit For Teaching Children To Distrust Government? Not According To The Evidence 
   Responsible parents interested not just in liberty, but also in the physical safety of their children, have a parental obligation"as the record clearly indicates"to teach their children to always and forever distrust government and its officials.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Our Shattered Social Contract " Children And The First Duty Of The Captured  
   A sense of personal responsibility for their own liberty and confidence in their natural right to engage in responsible, thoughtful direct action to secure it are among the greatest gifts one can give a child.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Teaching Children To Resist Interrogation 
   In today’s socio-political climate, in the same way that a responsible parent teaches a child not to take candy from strangers and the difference between ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’, parents must also teach children how to resist interrogation.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Just Another Day In Foster-Incarceration Land " CPS Coercion and Murder, Another Life Stolen 
   A DHS caseworker pressured a pregnant Mayfair teenager to undergo a late-term abortion by threatening to take away either her toddler or her unborn baby.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Ignorance Or Defiance Of The Law? When Officials Trample Parental Rights 
   Whichever the case " deliberately obstructive, power-tripping petty bureaucrats or pure, incompetent ignorance " parents do not have to tolerate such treatment.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Politicians Should Take Heed 
   Politicians would do well to read history. They would do well to remember that the Revolutionary War was fought over far less tax abuse.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Commercial Real Estate Threatens Banks, Lenders, Consumer Credit 
   Sherter explained that “just as giant financial firms interconnect, so do giant financial crises. Credit woes seep first into the banking sector, then slam into the broader economy before doubling back to curtail lending. Bubble pops bubble, a verita
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
CPS: True Domestic Terrorists 
   The facts are there for anyone who cares to view them. By the government’s own numbers, the rate of child assault, rape, starvation, and murder is far higher among children in state “care” than it is in the general population.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
White House Efficiently Pre-Excuses Future Unemployment Rate Increase 
   In a rare demonstration of efficiency in government, the White House offered an excuse well in advance of unemployment rate increases.
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Feature Article
Credit Contraction And Economic Propaganda 
   The “Great Recession” is over, so we're told. The light at the end of the tunnel is within our view, they say. However, facts and figures tell a different story. The light at the end of the tunnel may herald the arrival of the Greater Depression.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Inflation " How The Fed Picks Your Pocket and Raids Your Bank Account 
   The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States and controls national monetary policy. The Fed, not to be confused with the federal government of which it is not a part, also picks your pockets and raids your bank accounts.
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Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State 
Fed “Earns” Record Profits While Taxpayers Suffer Record Financial Woes 
   The Federal Reserve garnered “record profits” during 2009, the largest amount it has ever made in a single year in its entire history. Fascinating, when considered against the backdrop of what the American taxpayer is facing " record levels of unempl
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