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SSA's "Enumeration at Birth" & REAL ID/national id

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FYI - from FreedomsPhoenix reader Jeff Greenspan:

I'm not sure we don't already have this system here (see article below). That's arguable, however. What is fact is that we have a satanic system from the SSA called "Enumeration at Birth".

Combined with the REAL ID/national id which will be fully operational (under development currently in all 50 states and at the US DHS) as of May, 2008, along with vital records digitization and integration with US DHS (in progress now), and with all of the other federal databases, DHS will begin a cradle to grave Chi-com style dossier on every American citizen.

More on EAB (enumeration at birth) here:

(not to mention the unprecedented and questionable constitutionality of the program nor the hundreds of millions of tax dollars, federal and state, it has required to build the systems and will be required to operate and maintain them.)


DNA 'should be taken from babies'

By Daily Telegraph Reporter

Last Updated: 2:13am GMT 12/12/2006

DNA samples should be taken from babies and stored on a database to help in the fight against crime, a senior police officer said yesterday.

Commander Dave Johnston, Britain's most senior murder investigator, said the information could be used to both to solve and prevent crimes.

He also suggested samples could be taken from people when they renewed their passports and from migrants arriving in the country.


Mr Johnston, the head of the Metropolitan Police's Homicide and Serious Crime Unit, told The Sun: "We have 300,000 unsolved cases where we have taken a profile at a crime scene but have not yet matched it.

"As well as solving crime, it would really make someone think twice about committing crime if they knew their DNA was on a database."

The National DNA Database, set up in 1999, contains three million profiles covering six per cent of the population. Under the current system, saliva samples are taken only from those arrested. It costs £47 to put them on the database.

Blood samples are taken from babies at four days old to test for genetic diseases.

Commander Johnston also suggested that DNA could be taken from people when they die to "cleanse" the records.

The commander, who is vice-chairman of the Association of Chief Police Officers' homicide working group, said his views were personal but that he wanted to trigger a debate on the issues.

Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights organisation Liberty, said police officers should "stick to policing, not politics" but commended Commander Johnston's "honesty".

"It is about time we had a debate about whether we want to turn from a nation of citizens into one of suspects," she said.

"Certainly at Liberty, the answer is No."

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Comment by Suz Mar
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 The Enumeration at Birth Program is voluntary for both parents and hospitals.  I found the exact working in Paragraph B of section RM 00202.308 on the SSA website.

The State department of Vital Statistics here is trying to bully our hospitals into complying. Our facility is now discontinuing participation.  Many of our newborns are from Undocumented Aliens since our facility is 30 miles from the border.  It does not mean they cannot get a SSN for their infant, but now they must go to the SS office and apply in person.