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Ron Paul Revolution - Turn Up the VOLUME!!! ( Yell Fire )

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The YouTube Video: 
I had come across this video on the Internet before and enjoyed it a great deal. But later when I went to place here on FreedomsPhoenix for you I couldn't find it. Then a friend gave me the movie "I know I am Not Alone" by Michael Franti. A few weeks would pass before I had a chance to watch it, but when I did I became a fan of Franti and have promoted his work ever since.
I discovered that the song I was looking for in the video linked above that was used in a Ron Paul video was just one of several by Michael Franti and the band 'Spearhead' after I saw the movie. I posted "Yell Fire" here on FreedomsPhoenix and was sent the Ron Paul version I had been trying to find again.
Michael Franti is the lead singer and writer for the band "Spearhead" and you likely have heard several of their songs as background to some of your favorite YouTube videos.
Frustrated with the portrayal of the War in Iraq only in terms of the Economic and Political costs of war, Michael went to Baghdad to learn what the human costs were. His music was very instrumental in playing his way around and through obstacles that would have stopped most journalists.
I came away from the experience understanding that the purpose of this occupation is to… I’ll let you decide. Enjoy.

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