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Ron Paul vs Election Fraud & The Bad Guys vs the r3VOLution - by Ernest Hancock

Written by Subject: Eugenics
I'll sum up my commentaries here on FreedomsPhoenix and on my radio show with this brief paragraph...
The required manual hand counts in New Hampshire will prevent _or_ demonstrate the election fraud that can be expected throughout the 2008 Presidential Election process.
Hand Count Shows 15% For Ron Paul
CNN gives the issue a single mention Publisher & Editor amazed me by highlighting the issue and pointed out a story Primary Concerns -
Hoisting a few red flags about the elections” By ROBERT C. KOEHLER - Tribune Media Services - January 10, 2008.
Even Ron Paul makes a mention of the issue,…This does not mean we will have an easy time of it -- just the opposite, of course. After all, we are seeking to reverse more than a century of big government, of the warfare-welfare state, of Federal Reserve's dollar manipulation, of a fat and happy military-industrial complex, of the subversion of our Constitution. So all the media and other "second-hand dealers in ideas," as F.A. Hayek called them, who have a vested interest in the current order, will do everything possible to smear me. They will do and say anything to try to block our movement.  Even vote fraud is not beyond these people.”
As time passes the evidence starts to pile up… “Major allegations of vote fraud in New Hampshire”“NH Voter Fraud confirmed!” 
One of the main reasons I was willing to focus so much effort on New Hampshire is that I knew that there was a process that would compare results from a set of voting jurisdictions that manually validated the results with those that did not. In articles and on my radio show I detailed the possibilities after an election where the two sets of results were very different.
I don’t wish to spend any more time on this issue than it takes to point out the differing results,… then move on. This whole process of education by an entire generation of new freedom fighters is very important and should be embraced. But more time than it takes to just point it out and paper the record with what happened is wasted in my opinion. But to ignore it would be a much larger tragedy.
Far too many of the experienced activists have too many stories of just this sort of election fraud to think it is an isolated occurrence. Sooooo, let it take its course and let the education sink in for those that are paying attention. New Hampshire interested me most for _just this reason_.
Nothing any of us say or do is going to alter the viral effect of this information through the movement. The knowledge that such opportunities to learn about how the entire process (media coverage/non-coverage, camera angles, media lies, rights delays/rights denied, favored treatment, fraud etc.) is why I always focus on the mission of freeing as many minds as possible.
An activist that is a slave to numbers reported by a system bent on discouraging us with fear and doubt is soon lost to despair.
We are very fortunate to have the supporters of Dennis Kucinich on the Democrat side suffering the same fate and focusing their attention on the obvious bias towards Clinton. I have always been of the opinion that this entire election process is a dog and pony show that is designed to put Hillary Clinton in the White House (just look at what the Republicans call their best and brightest :). Nothing substantive will change and this country will continue to circle the drain as Ron Paul and his supporters save as many minds as possible in the process. This r3VOLution between the ears of the American people is the only chance we have to maintain our sovereignty and reinstate the concept that government’s only justification for existence is the protection of individual rights. This is what I am fighting for! Vote totals and elections are a side effect of an educated populace,... not the other way around.
You didn’t think that the ‘New World Military Empire Industrial Order’ was just going to let the r3VOLution come take away all of their goodies did ‘ya?
Ernest Hancock
( I am now on my way to Las Vegas to help with Nevada's State Caucus and then back to Phoenix to get ready for the Super Bowl )
( More Info coutesy of Mark Yannone: As of this minute (11:14 a.m. MST), the necessary papers for a recount have been filed with the New Hampshire Secretary of State. )

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