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Ron Paul Limo in Phoenix this afternoon

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Good photo-op

The Ron Paul Limousine:  One mightily LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG!!!!  OMG!!!! Long Limousine will be at the Ron Paul Headquarters (Phoenix, AZ) this afternoon at 3 P.M.

When:  3 P.M. today (Monday, January 21, 2008)

Where:  Ron Paul Grassroots Headquarters
4700 N. Central Avenue, Suite 102
Phoenix, AZ
Plenty of parking.  Some light rail construction nearby.

Bring your signs, cameras and have some fun.

My cell number is (602) 434-6843
Ed Vallejo

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Comment by Buck Jeanne
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Jeanne here! This is really exciting. I have "volunteered" to help with the route today. There is one place I want to hit: Joe Diaz Top Level Boxing @ 9th Avenue and Jefferson. Mr. Diaz asked us for Ron Paul signs to hang on his fences and there are currently seven 4 x 8 signs there. He would like us to come by and bring some Ron Paul mail donation forms and for us to take photos of his fences. Maybe he will even jump in the limo with us for a ride! Whatelse is downtown? Faux News for one. We just need to avoid construction zones. Good luck on that one.