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We Know The Truth - Opening Speech Revolution March 07-12-2008 (Gary Franchi & Ernest Hancock)

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
Text of Opening Speech of events after the RevolutionMarch from the Washington Monument to the West Capitol Lawn
July 12th, 2008
Hi, I'm Gary Franchi – National Director of Aaron Russo's “Restore the Republic” & Editor of “Republic Magazine”.
Hi, I'm Ernest Hancock – Creator of the r3VOLution artwork & Publisher of
And we want to tell you a little bit about “THEM”.
ERNIE: There are those of us that simply wish to be left alone,...
GARY: ...and there are those that just won't leave us alone!
ERNIE: They Say, that the Press is the watchdog our of liberties.
GARY: But We Know The Truth:  The Lame Stream Media,.... the media that is soooo last century,... is nothing more than the Public Relations arm of the Military New World Industrial Order Empire.
GARY: They Say, that our submission to constant and all encompassing surveillance,... and that our being searched frisked and probed is for our safety.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: An entire generation is being reeducated to forget that one of the most important justifications for the existence of a free people's government is to secure the right of every individual to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects.
ERNIE: They Say, that if we will willingly give up our liberties, then the Government can protect us from the, 'Evil Doers'.
 But We Know The Truth: GARY: That the Evil being done us right now is by hoards of government agents at all levels sent to harass us and eat out our substance.
GARY: They Say, that the government's ability to read our Identifications at a distance, and without our knowledge, from inside our wallets,... and eventually from inside our bodies,... will provide us with security and convenience.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: Our government believes that human beings should be tracked as inventory.
ERNIE: They Say, that those that have done no wrong should not fear the monitoring of their communications,... what we read, what we write, what we say and even what we believe.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: That when a government is corrupt. When an entire empire is built on lies and theft, Speaking the truth is an act of Treason,... making you an Enemy of the State.
GARY: They say, that we should believe that the Federal Reserve's paper notes are money.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: That Federal Reserve Notes are not even a promise to pay us real money. And is just PAPER!
ERNIE: They Say, that the Internal Revenue Service has the law on their side and that we should be grateful that we are allowed to keep as much of our money as we do.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: The IRS doesn't have the law on their side,... they have GUNS!!! The IRS does not employ or understand eloquence or reason, ONLY FORCE!
GARY: They Say, that OIL is the only real alternative to our Energy needs.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: Take away the TRILLIONS of subsidized dollars in the form of a military used to secure “Cheap Oil” and many other forms of energy become much more competitive,... and cleaner.
ERNIE: They Say, that our Foreign Policies, with their entangling alliances, are required to secure our 'Domestic Tranquility'.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: Our Domestic Tranquility is best secured by respecting the sovereignty of every individual Human Being,... worldwide!
GARY: They Say, that we must trust governments to tell us what is safe and effective for our minds and bodies.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: The force of government is being used to deny us control over our own lives. We are being denied access to even the most beneficial substances to maximize the profits of those that have no moral resistance to poisoning us for more valuable stock options.
ERNIE: They Say, if the government can make more revenue by redistributing our property amongst others, then they have 'Eminent Domain'.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: That any government is at least a useless parasite when it is unable or unwilling to protect the property rights of those from which it derives its existence. And that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of this end, it is the Right of the People to Alter or Abolish it.
GARY: They Say, regulation of the Internet, followed closely by taxation, will provide 'Safe & Equal' speech.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: We Are To Be Denied FREE SPEECH!  And history has shown that Human Beings will never be denied the ability to express themselves!
ERNIE: They Say, that more of our money is required to “fix” the Government's Schools.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: The Government's Schools are doing exactly what they were designed to do.
GARY: They Say, Election Computers save money and provide faster and more accurate results.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: Computer Voting Results are as accurate as a few computer programmers design them to be,... and we are expected to trust them without verification.
ERNIE: They Say, that billions more of our tax dollars are needed to Zecure zee Homeland from border incursions.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: Our borders are of little interest to those that profit from fear, managed trade and the exploitation of our Welfare State.
GARY: They Say, “What North American Union?”,... which is soon to be followed with, “Of Course the AMERO will solve our economic problems”.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: The plan has always been to herd the Human cattle under one rancher.
ERNIE: They Say, the Economy is still growing,... but at greatly reduced rate.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: A country that doesn't manufacture anything, eventually Goes BROKE!
GARY: They Say, that we should trust the government to look out for our physical and mental well being.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: Government Healthcare has become another mechanism to control the American people.
ERNIE: They Say, that we should trust the government to look out for the Earth's well being.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: Attempts to control the Earth's Heath has become another mechanism to control individual liberty.
GARY: They Say, any sacrifice is worth the United States maintaining and enhancing its monopoly on Global Force of Arms so that its will can be forced upon others.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: Our Government is more than willing to sacrifice our children's future, their freedom, their wealth and even their lives for the US Government's continued military hegemony that has nothing to do with the preservation of our liberties or individual American prosperity.
ERNIE: They say, that torture is an effective means of collecting information.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: If enough suffering is inflicted we'll tell you whatever we think you want to hear.
GARY: They Say, we have every reason to be afraid.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: We have nothing to fear,... but the FEAR MONGERS!
ERNIE: They Say, that Independence Day is a celebration of the creation of the United States Government.
But We Know The Truth: GARY: America's Birthday Day is a celebration of the people's Declaration of Independence from a Tyrannical Government.
GARY: They Say, “We can't handle the Truth”.
But We Know The Truth: ERNIE: They can't handle us,... KNOWING THE TRUTH!

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