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Free E-book: A Lodging of Wayfaring Men

Written by Subject: Philosophy: Anarchism
"• The freer you get, the more clearly you will see and understand life. And, seeing more clearly means that you will perceive not only wonderful new things you can do. You will also recognize, for the first time, some veryunpleasant things that are difficult to bear.
"• Remember that the errors of logic and psychology you rightly oppose are necessary for some people. They are the cloak that protects them from things too painful to face. Do not simply take away their cloak. If you cannot replace the cloak with something better, leave them alone until you can. Do not break the damaged person, heal them.
"• When we become truly healthy, there will be no need for embarrassment, no need for shame. We will be happy about ourselves and what we do. This will occur incrementally, as we re-value and improve ourselves, and as we eliminate mystical and false standards of morality. This will not happen instantly or without some pain. Like the bound feet of ancient Chinese women, our souls have been bound by a backwards morality. Do not think that simply removing the bindings will be enough; there will be significant adjustment involved. But a warping of the soul is not as permanent as the warping of bones. We may always remake ourselves, though the process may require significant effort."
- A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, pp. 391-392

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