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4409 -- JESSE KELLY is a NEO-CON and a FRAUD

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Jesse Kelly is running for congress in Tucson, AZ 8th district. On Judge Napolitanos show freedom watch he claimed to be a libertarian but we discovered he is nothing more than a NEO-CON bought and paid for by Raytheon. You lie and you will be called out!
Congressman Trent Franks endorsed this guy so that should tell you all you need to know.
Jesse says:  "I am committed to fully funding vital military systems such as missile defense."
Well, guess who is trying to get missle contracts?
See....being fiscal conservative to Jesse does NOT include the welfare given to the thousands of companies like Raytheon, Bechtel and Boeing who make buckets full of tax-payer cash off government grants and no bid contracts.
May I remind him that is not being a fiscal conservative!
To be honest this mans platform is not much different than Gabrielle Giffords and she has been an EPIC FAIL!