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Pastor David Manning - The "Frustration Revolution" is Here

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings

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Comment by Virginia Strang
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Oyate, a mack daddy is a high profile pimp

Comment by gary watts
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Pastor Manning is on topic as usual. His message is reconciliation, not racism fostered by a government that has factionalized our society in a way that keeps the factions at each others throats, thus keeping us occupied while the criminals at the top rob us blind!!! Time to get together, or hang separately...

Comment by Mike Chavez
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 I love this guy.  AMEN!

Comment by Found Zero
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Members of the NRA are going to do into black neighbourhoods? For what reason? They have great shopping?

And is there a specific Alex Jones School Of Broadcast where this style of raving lunacy is officially taught? 

"Obama and Larry Sinclair had a steaming love affair".....LOL, this guy is great, he comes with his own musical interludes.

So Jet that was your sneaky way of getting us all to go to church on Sunday right?


Comment by Found Zero
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Someone please tell me what a "long legged mac daddy" is.

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