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Written by David McElroy Subject: Martial Law
By David A. McElroy
Oct. 1, 2010
“BIG BROTHER” is about to bare the iron fists long covered by white velvet gloves, if history and logical progression are considered in view of recent trends in America. Uncle Sam and his gang of banksters has little to lose in liquidating us now. Will we even have a midterm election November 2nd?
Time is very short for what remains of traditional America. The communist game plan published in the 1930’s has been implemented to entrap us step by step. The game is now in overtime as the patriots pray for a “Hail Mary“. Privacy is illegal. Elections are known as fraudulent. Our currency is debauched and soon to be worthless. Obama has imposed public debts greater than all his predecessors combined, pursuing complete control of every aspect of life, imposing bankrupting taxes to match. He now plans to sell General Motors to a Chinese automaker. The US Constitution has been in suspension since FDR implemented the WAR POWERS ACT every president since has used to expand executive power. The Congress is irrelevant, subjugated to central banks and the United Nations’ writing law, mandates, treaties, etc. This is why they don’t read bills and dwell on minor issues like steroid use in sports. Even the US Supreme Court openly speaks of citing foreign law in making their rulings, ignoring their oaths to uphold and defend the US Constitution. Obama has sided with Mexico against Arizona as that state attempts to defend itself against foreign invasion. Lt. Col. Lakin has been denied any right to his defense in his court martial for challenging the eligibility of Obama to be commander-in-chief due to his undocumented birth status violating the Constitution. Lakin’s defense is denied right of discovery, discussion of his motive or his duty to challenge illegal orders. Treason is afoot in the District of Criminals!
We are about to reap the whirlwind in America, as we have allowed the communist agenda to be imposed upon us. The seeds of social-ism were sown in America as early as Lincoln’s administration. They are now bearing their bitter fruits. Socialism dispossesses people, separating them from their lands and means of independent living. People get moved into cities and put to work in industrial centers. Their children spend their days in the “public fool system”, being taught God is a myth and their parents are ignorant and abusive. The people become accustomed to paper “money” and public programs. Paper currency is gradually debauched and government offers social welfare programs to pick up the slack. The government grows larger, as more taxes, fees, and fines impoverish the people further. Peace officers become militarized Law Enforcement. People are punished for showing initiative or independence, as government breeds acceptance of the socialist programs, claiming it will provide for them from cradle to grave. Paupers’ graves!
After the corporate elite running government have sucked all the wealth from the public, and real poverty can no longer be papered over, government begins to cull the herd. “rationed healthcare” was part of the Nazi plan to rid Germany of “useless eaters” ,“life unworthy of life”, as was euthanasia and abortion. Unwilling to part with profits to afford care for increasingly angry people who have been lied to, defrauded, robbed, raped, and ruined, the elitist thieves then seek to eliminate them. War and genocide are profitable for some people, hurtful and murderous for others. Hitler, Stalin and Mao killed millions they found inconvenient to them, in ways completely “legal” and profitable in their regimes! For a scholarly expose’ of this subject, read Dennis L. Cuddy’s work, The Power Elite and The Secret Nazi Plan, found in serial form at
War is our national industry, currently the only profitable economic sector. America is now where Nazi Germany was as they used the instruments of government and industry to arrogantly trample Europe and Africa underfoot. The banks made money financing both sides of the US Civil War, and both the Axis powers and the Allies in WWII. General Motors and Ford built the vehicles for Hitler’s blitzkrieg on Poland. Stalin’s army drove Dodge trucks. Similar things happen today, like reports that US funds support the Taliban in Afghanistan. Transnational corporate types profit, ordinary people get death and taxes.
Truth has become not only politically incorrect, but treasonous in federal eyes. When it comes to the flag, “OLD GLORY”, remember that “the republic for which it stands” no longer exists. It is long dead. Uncle Sam is an imposter, a vampire feeding off human blood, sweat, and tears. No allegiance is owed the federal predator that refuses to be bound by that binding contract with the founding states, the US Constitution. By what logic should states be bound by the requirements of that contract the federal usurpers refuse to obey, changing it unilaterally at will to expand their powers, deny states’ rights? And remember, Roosevelt suspended it in 1932 and it has never been restored!
Nullification of federal violations, encroachments upon states’ rights, is the rightful and last step within the legal system of the Union. But we know all indications, historically, are that the Federal Union of Criminals United will not acquiesce to states’ exercising their constitutional powers to constrain the beast. The federal government has become an oppressive terror matching that described in the Declaration of Independence boldly issued July 4th, 1776. Rebellion, revolution, and secession are again brewing. JFK said, “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”
A truly representative government of any stripe listens and responds to the pleas and petitions of its’ people, rather than ignoring, mocking, or arresting them as the feds do now. A tyrant will only censor media, blackmail political opponents, demonize the dissidents, even assassinate them as Obama claims the right to do. Under “rule of law“, with due process, arbitrary and unprincipled actions would not be tolerated. Under fascist “rule of men”, as President Nixon said, “It is not a crime if the president does it.” The whole concept of all men being equal under the law has been scrapped. Just look at the factions and frictions created by “protected” groups and “affirmative action”. The US government thrives by polarizing people, profits from escalating conflicts with stimulus!
What must we do to regain peace and prosperity in a land of truth, justice, and liberty for all, where we can pursue happiness secure in our property? Where is the opportunity?
 It becomes ever more clear that, as Chairman Mao once said, “All political power grows from the barrel of a gun.” I’m afraid George Washington and the Minute Men of 1776 agreed with that, judging by their response to British tyranny. It seems that we are being drawn ever closer to exercising that option in pursuit of our dignity, our freedom. That is why our Second Amendment is under such relentless attack. The usurper-in-chief Obama is pursuing a small arms treaty with the United Nations to ban personal firearms, in order to bypass Congress and the Supreme Court to seize our guns. It was “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World” in 1775, in patriotic response to British soldiers sent to seize colonial guns, not “The Outcry Heard ‘Round the World“. It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness, or light a fuse than curse the fascists. I’m not out looking for trouble, but when they come to my door, the feds can have my guns after I have delivered my ammunition at ballistic speeds with malice and forethought!
We are being pushed into a corner by Marxists building what President Clinton called the “Third Way”, a merger with fascism under the United Nations, international socialism for global government of subjugated masses. It is UN Agenda 21, or “communitarian” policy on the local level. Think of “sustainable development” and the oppressive neighborhood homeowner associations seemingly run by Nazis, city fines for grass a bit too high, trash cans being too full or an unlicensed vehicle on the property. We are afforded no rights!
Yes, as Clinton said, the field is being “leveled” by such as NAFTA and GATT. We are being cut off at the knees to destroy the middle class and make third world standards the norm for us working class people everywhere. Ross Perot warned of that big “sucking” sound, and the vampire has fastened upon our neck! The elite are collecting power and assets while removing all the wealth and choices from us. The lamented loss on paper we see as a depression is a garnering of real estate, real goods, real assets by the elite. Their worthless paper was exchanged for our labor and assets. They are turning our homes into prisons, or making us homeless! They lead people into confusion, slavery, and death. An old hen becomes stew meat quite often, and most of us will never have another nest egg. We need to keep our heads. Where to run?
Even now, the avenues of escape are being sealed, while foreign invaders are welcomed in. Obama even brought Hamas in! There are reports that US Northcom troops have just donned the UN “peace keeper” blue helmets! What are they preparing for? Have you noticed the turmoil, departures of Emanuel and Axelrod, at the White House? Will some “event” become a pretext for martial law and cancellation of midterm elections? Such an action would be from that old Marxist playbook at this critical juncture. Would Obama’s Democrats object? Will chaos be instigated by Obama terminating the Social Security payments in bankruptcy? What of those reports Fort Knox has issued counterfeit gold bullion in payment to China? Our future depends upon our being roused to defiant vigilance! Time is short. We must secede to survive, live free or die!

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Comment by McElchap
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 OK, "Ned the Head" (or is it "Dead Head"?) I certainly do not believe Democrats are the only evil... it's just they have control of the levers of power right now. I railed against George W. Bush also, even wrote that he ought to receive the same measure of justice he approved for Saddam H.

Partisan politics is bad in every direction, even in the Libertarian Party, not only Republican and Democrat parties. I support secession away from them all.

My article was drawing attention to the current dangers, which have been worked toward for many decades thru Republican and Democrat operatives.  I'm not certain where you are coming from? A government office maybe? 

Comment by Ned The Head
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OK so it's the dems and socialists. Got it. No other problems. Get rid of the dems and life is perfect in the USA. There is, after all, no other source of human evil.

In the words of one Englishman, YOU SILLY, SILLY BASTARD.