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Phoenix Activists billboard on I-40 Arizona

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Sanders, Arizona -  Phoenix Activists replace sign with sign.  The old sign has been viewed by an estimated 7 Million travelers in the past year.  The tireless activists put up a new sign to open minds at Architect and Engineers founded by Architect Richard Gage. 
As of this date 10/27/2010  has 1346 verified architectural and engineering professionals and 10097 other supporters, including AE students, have signed the petition demanding a truly independent investigation of Congress.
The activists know once individuals are exposed to the evidence surrounding 9/11 they are sure to understand that the governments story that airliners flying into the buildings and the resulting fires could not have brought down the buildings down at near the rate of free fall.  WTC Building 7 coming down at the rate of free fall. Building 7 collapse which was not even mentioned in the 9/11 commission (omission) report.
The Thermite that was found in the dust surrounding ground zero New York.  The expedited destruction of evidence from a crime scene orchestrated by former prosecutor and Mayor of New York City,Rudy Giuliani.  Also the incredible facts that no Military aircraft could have breached the PROHIBITED fly zone known as P56 surrounding Washington D.C. and the Pentagon. 
There were several "Firsts" occurring on September 11, 2001 which this writer suggests a new category in the Guinness book of world records.  First time in American civil aviation since creation of NTSB:
no plane reconstruction or black boxes were found from any of the 4 planes involved in the attack on 9/11.
Civil planes were allowed to fly hundreds of miles off course over United States airspace without a military interdiction.
First time in History, plane crashes and there is no evidence of luggage strewn over crash site.
First time in History, a where a cell phone made a call on an in-flight airline
First Time in History, steel framed building fell down due to fire and not explosives.
First Time in History, building collapse caused building to be pulverized into dust without the use of explosives
First Time in History buildings came down at the rate of free fall without the use of explosives.
First Time in History jet fuel fire got hot enough to melt steel and create Iron Meteorite.
First Time in History 3 buildings fell down symmetrically into their own foot print without the use of explosives.
First time in History, 757 is flown 12 feet of the ground at 500 miles per hour, prior to a 270 degree spiraling dive which was beyond design limits of the aircraft.  This maneuver was performed flawlessly by someone incapable of landing a single engine plane.
First time in History most protected airspace in the world, P-56, is violated and no photos or video evidence exists of aircraft.

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