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Passing out 'OPT OUT' bags at Sky Harbor

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Many travelers just wanted to be on their way, as they had their hands full of kids and luggage, but we got many smiles and laughs from people who were glad that we were there informing the public. One pilot who walked past us initially while just wanting to get to his plane, came back outside where we were standing on the curb to grab an opt out bag. Also, there were several employees of the airport who wanted the information and asked questions about the scanners and the whole screening process.
We were not hassled by any of the 'authorities' there (Sky Harbor Operations, Police, etc.)...they just left us alone as long as we did not get in the way or hassle people. Overall, a good experience.
There will be others that will be at the airport thruout the day to pass out more opt out bags, hold signs, and talk to travelers about the dangers of the scanners, their right to opt out of the radiation scans, and to give them information on where they can get dosimeter badges to be worn while traveling so they will know how much radiation they are being exposed to. The big selling point to people was that if they were going to opt out of the scans and be subject to the TSA grope, that we provided them an extra pair of blue gloves they could give to the TSA agents to use for their pat down - we have noticed that the TSA agents are not changing their gloves between gropes and this lends itself to the obvious spreading of who knows what.
This day is being called National Opt-Out day in response to the the totalitarian edict from the TSA. The latest measure from the POLICE STATE says that a passenger needs to be radiated by pornographic scanners OR have their genitalia inspected by TSA agents in order to fly on an Airplane.

The Travel Safety Accessories contains 2 blue gloves for the TSA agents to place on their hands prior to the groping procedure. Normally the TSA agents wear the same gloves to grope each passenger. The baggie give the passenger the ability to give the TSA agent a new pair of Blue Gloves to grope them with so that germs from the testicles of one passenger are not spread to other passengers thereby decrease the spread of disease.

The baggie also contains a copy of the movie "For Liberty" How the Ron Paul R3volution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty. Recently Congressman Ron Paul introduced legislation to stop this most recent attack on civil liberties by the TSA.

The baggie also includes a Godzilla Attack Dosimeter with information on how to order a real dosimeter so that passengers and TSA agent alike can determine the actual radiation received out of the pornographic body scanners

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Comment by McElchap
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 Donna did a great thing here, and it was good to see her face. I would do ANYTHING for her myself, but I must eschew adultery..... darn! Besides, I wouldn't want Ernie beating me up for his babe!

Comment by Psychictaxi
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There is NOTHING I wouldn't do for Donna Hancock - there isn't a kinder heart or better head on the PLANET!!!  Thanks for the post.


Comment by Ducatijeanne
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And the coveted Street Credibility award go to Ed and Donna!!!!

Street Cred........Street Cred  !!!!!!!!  I am very proud of you guys.  I made more signs last night that will go down to the ASU group. " I OPT OUT ! "

Signed, Poser