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Congressman Ron Paul In Phoenix, Arizona and Straw Poll Joke

Written by Ducati Jeanne Subject: r3VOLution Continues
This past weekend another wonderful RON PAUL adventure took place and we were there!  Our booth in the Exhibit Hall was outstanding with nearly 60 Ron Paul R3VOLUTION blimps and numerous NOT MY Debt balloons filled with non-explosive helium, outstanding new signs created by John and tons of the best activism books, leaflets, pins and stickers were available everywhere. The Campaign For Liberty had folks that stopped by the booth filling out petitions and signing a huge board of END THE FED. When Ron Paul walked up to the booth he was very pleased with our efforts.
His main speech was very well received and as usual he presented the truth, that it is the Fed that is the cause of our continuing problems. Once again it is the message, not the man that he is emphasizing. 
The majority of the people at this Summit plainly admire and respect Ron Paul, and are also supporters.
The Straw Poll on the other hand was conducted by people who are not Ron Paul supporters.  In attempting to vote in the straw poll we and hundreds of others were denied the ability to vote on numerous occasions.  The operators just stepped out; the computers are down; you just missed the time limit, it will be available in a few more hours; sorry they have all gone home, come back tomorrow. We went back the next day and were told voting is over.  Voting had been scheduled to 11:30 am Sunday.
Was this a practice run for future voting procedures?  Someone commented we should have camped out there. We thought we were dealing with straight up people.  But this is politics isn't it.
Ron Paul lost the live Straw Poll marginally, and won the call-in poll convincingly.

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Comment by Donald Barsell
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 Deja Vu. Visions of 2008 election cycle. Voter fraud run rampant. We need to get a handle on these straw poll results. Is it possible to have people sign a list at the c4l booth saying they did vote for Ron in the straw poll so we can check that total against announced figures? Maybe Verified Voting could hold concurrent voting so all candidates feel they got a fair count. What's it going to take to get honest vote counts?

Comment by Nunya
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 I had no problem voting at the Tea Party/Neocon Policy "Summit" (hmmm...did they steal that from the Freedom Summit??)  I went to the registration desk right after getting my pocket Constitution signed by Dr. Paul.  I think you could have voted by text message using your cell phone...(but I wasn't about to give these yahoos my cell phone number). 

I was disappointed that they took all the balloons away - something about the balloons setting off the fire alarms.  I guess that's a real concern, so maybe next time we can blow up the balloons and tie them to sticks.

I really only attended the event to see Ron Paul (thank you C4L) but while waiting, I heard a few of the other things that were going on.  The lecture hall was filled with people who have no idea what is really going on.  They were cheering these guys on this debt ceiling panel who were feeding them only buzz words.  All I could think of was, "where's Jack when we need him??"  :)

Comment by TommiT
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I voted through the Virtual Summit for Congressman Paul.  At first, I didn't see his name and after I calmed downed, I hit the expand button and there was his name.  This was done deliberately, because all names could have been displayed at the same time.  To me, this is evidence that the grassroots Tea Party has been co opted by the Republican Party leadership.  What a shame.

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