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"SICK and SICKER" Screening

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When: Thursday September 27, 2012 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Where: China Village Restaurant                                             
             2710 East Indian School Road
             Phoenix, Arizona
Admission: Attendees must buy something to eat or drink from the restaurant menu.
Event Description: Filmmaker Logan Darrow Clements shows what happens when the government becomes your doctor.
Using licensed news footage from Canadian TV, interviews with doctors, patients, journalists, a health minister, a Member of Parliament, a doctor who went on a hunger strike as well the producer's own Canadian relatives Clements shows the mismatch between supply and demand in a medical system run by politicians.
SICK and SICKER puts ObamaCare on ice with cold hard facts from Canada.
DVD copies of SICK and SICKER will be available for sale and after we finish watching the movie we will discuss the points brought up in it.

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Comment by easyed
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Im going to have agree with the last 2 posters. If there need be a label affixed to the AHCAA there are far more appropriate, by definition, ones to use. Is the word "fascist" just too difficult to say or does its use cause, for those who consciously refuse to apply this very appropriate word to the runaway MICC (and these wars) a prickling of their conscience? Just easier to use the "S" word, huh, even if it is entirely misapplied? One doesn't have to think then, that many of the policies of this current Executive might be just a good 'ole fashioned tyrannical collusion between the corporates and their bought and paid for politicians. Or is "socialism" just easier to swallow? There is one thing positive that one can say about the Canadian system and that is that the Canadian citizen, should he be financially capable of it, can choose to opt out of the government system. Can one say the same for the AHCAA? NO. And that sirs and madams, is plain old, garden variety tyranny. We really need no other labels.
Comment by PureTrust
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This is why good doctors, like Ron Paul, are running for the Presidency. They want to protect us all from the infection of Government.

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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First of all, only parts of "Obamacare" are in effect.  The entire bill takes place over a period of years.

Secondly, this is not socialized medicine.  It is not national health care.  It isn't a government takeover of medicine.  It is a bill that makes people buy PRIVATE health insurance from PRIVATE companies.

You right-wing assholes are so effing ignorant it's a wonder you can even find your own asses.

Comment by Lucky Red
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The film is an indictment on socialized medicine?  What socialized medicine?  Better yet, whose socialized medicine?  Surely, you willful idiots are not still trumping your ignorance claiming that the sell out of the health of the entire American population to a handful of mega insurance corporations is "socialized medicine"?  Please, tell me you are not THAT stupid...