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Racist Discrimination Against Israeli Arabs

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Racist Discrimination Against Israeli Arabs - by Stephen Lendman

According to the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), Arab citizens (below called Israeli Arabs) "are discriminated (against) in almost every aspect of their lives," including:

• employment;

• education;

• healthcare;

• housing;

• land;

• infrastructure;

• political representation;

• legislation;

• personal safety;

• socioeconomic status;

• family unification; and

• virtually all other aspects of their lives. According to ACRI:

"One of the most important principles in a democracy is to protect the minority against....tyranny. A democratic state is by nature pluralistic and respectful of diversity among its citizens, and enables each group within its population that so wishes to maintain all the components of its own identity, including its heritage, culture, and national identity."

In fact, Israel marginalizes non-Jews. They're unwanted, considered outliers, and fifth column threats. Basic rights are denied. Persecution and violence threaten them. State authorities are their enemy, not protector.

Comprising 20% of Israel's population, discriminatory racism harms them, including their economic well-being.

As a result, over half of Israel's poor are Arabs. Moreover, Arab municipalities are Israel's poorest by design.

Health is another major issue. On November 23, Physicians for Human Rights/Israel (PHR/I) published a report titled, "Arab-Palestinian Citizens of Israel: Discrimination in Access to Health; Lower Health Indicators," saying:

Since Israel's founding, "the Arab-Palestinian minority in the country has suffered systematic discrimination as compared to Israel's Jewish citizens in allocation of public funding and in access to services and conditions (vital) for a healthy life."

Significant disparities in allocating healthcare resources harms them. Negev Bedouin Arabs are most affected. They have Israel's lowest health indicators because discriminatory policies mistreat them. More on them below.

Overall Healthcare Inequality

Marginalizing factors are stark. No Arab town or community has a government operated hospital, mental health clinic, or geriatric nursing home.

Arab community social service departments receive only 10% of available funds.

Water access is restricted, allegedly over payments some citizens owe Mekorot, Israel's national water company.

A Galilee Society study showed Arabs comprise 54% of Israel's population living close to hazardous quarries. The closer to them, the higher the percentage.

In September 2011, Israel's Health Ministry reported serious disparities between Arabs and Jews, including:

• heart disease mortality;

• infant mortality;

• life expectancy;

• mortality from strokes;

• diabetes mortality;

• greater incidence of all kinds of cancer; and

• cancer mortality.

Israel's Bedouin Arabs

Israeli Arabs live mainly in all-Arab towns and villages in three heartlands - the Galilee in the north; what's called the "Little Triangle" in the center along the Israeli side of the Green Line; and the Negev in the south.

Around 160,000 live in Israel, over half in "unrecognized villages." They mainly in the Negev. Considered internal refugees, they were forced from their homes during Israel's War of Independence and prevented from returning.

Thereafter, they've been relentlessly mistreated, including by repressive zoning restrictions. They prohibit construction, agriculture, and other legal rights.

They're also denied essential services, including water, electricity, roads, transport, sanitation, education, healthcare, postal and telephone service, refuse removal, and more.

Under Israel's Planning and Construction Law, they're illegal. As a result, land theft and home demolitions displace them. At issue is removing them for Jewish development.

Around 90,000 Negev Bedouins are affected. They're Israel's poorest and most deprived. They also score lowest on health indicators.

"The principle of non-discrimination in medical treatment, anchored in Israeli law, is not extended" to Negev Bedouins. At issue is state-sponsored deprivation to force them out. It's also about losing their land rights.

Minimal healthcare facilities serve them, In fact, only 12 barebones clinics exist, and 34 villages have none.

Overall, one doctor serves 3,116 residents, and one nurse per 3,751. In contrast, nearby Kibbutzim and settlements have one doctor per 892 residents and higher quality care overall.

Moreover, healthcare provided Arabs is poor, including fewer operating hours, laboratories, and examinations therein.

"The average number of reception hours of physicians for every 1,000 13 hours per week." No specialized services exist, including pediatrics, gynecology or pharmacies. Minimal family medicine only is available. Facilities aren't connected to Israel's electricity grid. It's crucial for proper treatment.

In addition, without roads, public transportation and other infrastructure, clinics are hard to access. Few residents have vehicles. Non-Arabic speaking staff only treat them.

Chronically ill residents, elderly ones, and children are most at risk. PHR/I estimates about "21% of the entire population are chronic patients in need of electricity on a regular basis as part of their treatment."

It's vital to store medications requiring refrigeration, including insulin for diabetes. Medical equipment needs it to operate. Lack of it "caused the deterioration of around 70% of patients." As a result, two died.

Healthcare indicator disparities between Bedouins and Jews are extreme, including:

• up to five times the rate of infant mortality;

• lower birth weight babies;

• greater incidence of anemia among under six month aged babies;

• nutritional deficiencies;

• underweight school children;

• higher incidence of heart disease and other chronic illnesses;

• higher asthma rates; and

• other evidence of poorer health.

PHR/I concluded saying:

Israel's "intentional neglect of social inequalities in education, infrastructure, poverty, and access to the job market have led to chronic disparities in health between Arabs and Jews."

Racist discrimination affects all non-Jews, especially Muslims. As a result, over 1.6 million citizens are marginalized and deprived without equal rights. Worst of all, Bedouin Arabs have practically none.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

Also visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.                                  

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Comment by TL Winslow
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{So, let's forget Lendman, the Middle East, and get back into improving our own country - like the founding fathers said, and the Constitution suggests - by avoiding foreign entanglements.
We don't need their oil. We have more oil under Utah, Colorado and Alaska than the ME could almost dream of. We don't need them.}

I agree that the U.S. could dispense with Middle East oil if it developed coal, shale, natural gas etc., but the hard leftists who are dedicated to bringing us down have their hands in every movement to stop that.  After all, they say, it's just for evil capitalists and the bankers, as if they aren't providing a useful service to the people - who can win with their reverse logic con games, either get out the vote or lose.

Sorry, but the last time we avoided foreign entanglements I think Harding or Coolidge was president.  The result was horrible WWII, which we might have prevented if we had gotten into foreign entanglements by sending hit squads to kill Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo before it was too late.  Only during WWII did we finally wake up and create all our present security apparatus like the CIA, which has become the #1 target of hard leftists who want to bring the U.S. down. Sure, they did 9/11 and other agitprop, I saw it on X Files. Are you calling for the CIA to be abolished too? Without it our country would be kaput in four years.

As to Israel, SCREW RON PAUL. He secretly hates Israel, and would love Iran to nuke it then prevent Israeli retaliation with U.S. military power. Why? I can't prove it in court, but I suspect that he works for GEORGE SOROS. The Jews are the focal point of world history, and Israel is here to stay, Soros notwithstanding, even if the U.S. has to support it alone against all the nations of the world that sold out to Muslim oil money, and his.

As to the good ole days of splendid isolation, pass me a Hires Root Beer, it's not just okay to close America up and think we can hold out, because the world has shrunk too fast and is too interdependent, and while we might have enough petroleum we are deficient in many essential rare earths etc.  We also currently need cheap labor in Asia and other continents, although the robot revolution is one day coming to change everything, probably with the govt. paying us not to work so we can all become brain men and run our own blogs :)

Too bad, Obama is opening the U.S. up to the Muslim World like never before, and prepping us for a coming takeover or at least to slow us down and make it harder to support Israel, which is one of the two main countries standing in the way of a One World Govt. along with us.  I believe that Ron Paul is part of the same conspiracy, and that it's likely GEORGE SOROS behind them both.  So don't fall for him like they did today in N.H.  He's trying to ensure a SOROS VICTORY in November, which will be any candidate that wants to abandon Israel to the Muslim wolves and try to make friends with the Muslim World, although a reading of the Quran shows that to be impossible, and it will inevitably lead us straight to WWIII, even if it requires a mass revolt against the Soros president including in the military to support Israel regardless of orders.  Yes, the novel's in the works, know any agents?


Comment by PureTrust
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You hit the proverbial nail right, square on the head: "Their own holy books say they started out with the same daddy, Abraham, and became separate tribes, which diverged on the matter of religion ever since. Modern DNA testing has confirmed their closeness."

So, let's forget Lendman, the Middle East, and get back into improving our own country - like the founding fathers said, and the Constitution suggests - by avoiding foreign entanglements.

We don't need their oil. We have more oil under Utah, Colorado and Alaska than the ME could almost dream of. We don't need them.

Comment by TL Winslow
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Tell me Lendman, the Jewish-looking speaker introducing this recent Israeli-Palestinian joint peace conference, is he Jewish or Palestinian?  Answer: Palestinian.  So it ain't about race, it's about the horrible ideology of ISLAM that won't leave poor outnumbered surrounded Israel alone, while Israel leaves its huge homeland of Arabia and its holy city of Mecca alone.


Speaking of a good idea about what the non-Muslim world should do Mecca to take the wind out hardline Muslims' sails and maybe end all jihads, not just the Israeli one:





Comment by TL Winslow
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I see that Kremlin mouthpiece Lendman is Putin on the Ritz again. He's still obeying some KGB manual that orders him to never mention the words Islam or Muslim in connection with Arab Muslim so-called Palestinians, while getting paid by the word to delegitimize Israel.  Of course, the 2K-year-old Jewish quest to GET THEIR COUNTRY BACK is now "racism" to this Marxist, when everybody knows that Arabs and Jews are the SAME RACE.  Their own holy books say they started out with the same daddy, Abraham, and became separate tribes, which diverged on the matter of religion ever since. Modern DNA testing has confirmed their closeness. So his attempt to obey his orders from Putin make his whole article pure BS.

It's well known that Arabs who accept Israel's existence and live in Israel have far more rights and opportunities than Arabs anywhere else in the Arab World. Indeed, Israel was an unlivable hellhole until the Jews moved in and began working to turn it into a paradise, while the millions of sq. mi. of Arab territory surrounding it remain a hellhole to this day outside some oases and pleasure palaces created with oil money.  I'm sure that from a Marxist perspective all Arabs would love to move into it now, even if they bring ISLAM with them and ruin it for the Jews, whom Lendman thinks have no right to a homeland anywhere, while Arabs already have theirs, and he never mentions that.