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The 75 Year Anniversary Of Marijuana Prohibition

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Today is Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 - the 75 year anniversary of Marijuana Prohibition which was enacted on August 2, 1937.

At the time when the Marijuana Tax Act was passed the the government said there was an epidemic of marijuana smoking. They estimated the number of people smoking the plant at 100,000.

Today, after 75 years of spending tens of billions of dollars to arrest over 20 million people who have served a collective TWENTY MILLION YEARS IN PRISON, they've managed to get that number down to 80-100 million people who have tried the plant, 20-40 million regular users and 10-20 million daily smokers.

This war is insane. Many people called for an end to the war in Iraq. Many are calling for an end to the war in Afghanistan. Soon, many more will call for an end to this war as well, this grave injustice called marijuana prohibition.

I'm sure all of you believe that the time is now to consider a different approach than what we have been doing and that throwing people in prison for a plant is violent, wrong and immoral.

By the way, I'm still standing strong for Ron Paul in 2012!


Les Stark, Author of Hempstone Heritage
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