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Powell Picks Parker's Pocket

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Today it was my privilege to deny Vernon Parker--Neocon tool endorsed by Daddy Bush and who's favorite Arizona politician is Sieg Kyl--a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  So disenchanted were voters with Parker that he was beaten by an avowed bisexual Marxist in a conservative state in a congressional district in which independence reigns.  Powell Gammill wants to thank everyone who just couldn't stomach voting for either parasite for their votes.

Congressman Kyrsten Sinema, who failed to receive a majority of the vote will face a Libertarian again in two years.  Mr. Gammill will keep his platform of selling off the federal government to pay off the debt, bringing home the troops from around the planet and getting them back to their families and their lives, and to restore our stolen civil liberties and our freedom to do as we please---free from government coercion.

Neither candidate bothered to answer voters concerns over their positions or proposed policies  during the campaigns instead spending 98% of their time fundraising.  And a compliant news media let them.  Kyrsten Sinema spent $1,666,270 as of the last reporting period, while Vernon Parker spent $808,381. (source: Open Secrets)  Libertarian Powell Gammill spent some $37 on gasoline and copier paper, or about a third of a penny per vote.  

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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53% of the voters in Dist. 9 followed my advice and stayed home.  It will be 60% next time.  ;-D

Comment by 4409
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Either way you would have a socialist in that seat. Vernon would be socialist lite but then bomb brown people for Israel. Kyrsten is a flat out nut job.

Comment by J E Andreasen
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  Powell, you made my day!  Damn straight.  Let's hope that a big pile of RP folks decided to sit this one out to effectively vote "None of the Above" in the U.S. Presidential race.