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Harper in Israel

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Harper in Israel

by Stephen Lendman

On January 18, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in Israel. It's his first official state visit. He's touring Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. More on his trip below.

America's special relationship with Israel is longstanding. It predates Canada's. Both countries today affirm likeminded shared values. They demand condemnation.

The Israeli tail wags the US/Canadian dog. Ottawa's special relationship today is more extreme than Washington's.

The National Post is a nationwide Canadian broadsheet. On January 21, it headlined "Stephen Harper: The special relationship between Israel and Canada," saying:

"It is right to support Israel. (Jews) deserve their own homeland."

"Canada supports Israel because it is right to do so. (It's) a very Canadian trait: to do something for no reason other than that is right."

Harper is an extremist right-wing prime minister. On February 6, 2006, he took office. Award-winning Canadian journalist Linda McQuaig discussed him early in his tenure.

Her book titled "Holding the Bully's Coat: Canada and the US Empire" pulled no punches. Canada is a reliable US imperial ally.

Harper partnered with Bush's war on terror. His support continues under Obama. It reflects the worst of lawlessness writ large.

Canada once championed internationalism and rule of law principles. It's no longer "a fair arbiter and promoter of just causes," said McQuaig.

Harper dances to America's tune. He supports US imperial wars. He deplores social equality. Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney began Canada's right-wing shift.

In 1984, he addressed New York Economic Club members. He announced "Canada (was) open for business." Things haven't been the same since.

Harper's "flag-pumping jingosim" reflects how bad things are today, said McQuaig. His pro-Israeli bona fides are unparalleled.

Canada's support for Israel is longstanding. Under Harper, it's "almost unrecognizable from its earlier form," said McQuaig.

Decades earlier Canadian leaders didn't advocate Palestinian statelessness. Nor militarized occupation harshness.

Long forgotten Canadian even-handedness disappeared under Harper. He's mindless of Palestinian rights.

His extremism subverts regional peace. Supporting Israel's worst crimes prevents it.

The National Post calls support for Israel "a moral imperative." It repeated the usual Big Lie, saying:

"Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has long anchored itself in the ideals of freedom, democracy and the rule of law."

Rogue terror state extremism explains best. Fascist hardliners govern. Rule of law principles don't matter. They're ignored. They're repeatedly violated.

Israel never was democratic. It's less so than ever now. State terror is official policy. Harper marches in lockstep. It bears repeating. He supports Israel's worst crimes.

He's making the most of his first state visit. On January 19, CBC News headlined "Stephen Harper welcomed as 'great friend' of Israel."

He arrived with a "sizable entourage." He brought six cabinet ministers. Thirty corporate officials were invited. So were 21 rabbis. Several pro-Israeli community leaders came.

Distinguished critics were excluded. Canadian Israeli support is more one-sided than America's.

Harper's entourage numbered around 250. Canadian taxpayers picked up the tab. The CBC said corporate bosses paid their own way.

Senior correspondent Terry Mikewski reported from Jerusalem. Harper brought "a big, big delegation," he said. Netanyahu addressed it.

He called Harper "a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people."

"You have shown great moral leadership when it comes to fighting terrorism," he said.

"When it comes to fighting anti-Semitism, you've stood up unabashedly (on the side) of Israel and the entire Jewish people."

Harper was treated like visiting royalty. No US president ever addressed Israel's Knesset. Harper was invited to do so.

Haaretz said it's been "a long time since (Netanyahu) looked so satisfied as he did during" his speech.

It was shamelessly one-sided. It excluded Israeli criticism." It turned truth on its head.

"The friendship between us is rooted in history, nourished by shared values, and it is intentionally reinforced at the highest levels of commerce and government as an outward expression of strongly held inner convictions," he said.

Canada's "special relationship" with Israel reflects "personal ties of friendship and kinship."

It's "right to support Israel because, after generations of persecution, the Jewish people deserve their own homeland and deserve to live safely and peacefully" within it.

What about Palestinian rights? What about their "generations of persecution?" What about Israel stealing their homeland?

What about decades of occupation harshness? What about Israel denying Palestinians all rights?

What about institutionalized racism? What about apartheid injustice? What about out-of-control belligerence?

What about trashing fundamental rule of law principles? What about threatening humanity?

Harper left these and other vital issues unaddressed. His entire speech was an ode to Israel.

It was gallingly one-sided. It bore no relation to reality. "Canada defend(s) freedom of others in far-off lands," he said.

It "consistently (chose), often to our great cost, to stand with others who oppose injustice, and to confront the dark forces of the world."

US/Israeli/UK/French/Canadian and other key NATO partners reflect the worst of dark forces. They're waging war on humanity. They threaten its survival.

Harper didn't explain. His address included a litany of lies. One followed another. He, Obama and Netanyahu are like-minded scoundrels.

They're war criminals. They belong in prison, not high office. Harper raised the canard about threatening anti-Semitism.

"We all know about" it, he claimed. It's "still with us." He wrongfully conflated legitimate Israeli criticism with anti-Semitic hate.

Holding Israel responsible for crimes of war, against humanity and genocide has nothing to do with it.

"(W)hat else can we call criticism that selectively condemns only the Jewish state and effectively denies its right to defend itself, while systematically ignoring - or excusing - the violence and oppression all around it," asked Harper?

"What else can we call it when Israel is routinely targeted at the United Nations?"

"In the sixty-five years that modern Israel has been a nation, Israelis have endured attacks and slanders beyond counting and have never known a day of true peace."

Israel's only enemies are ones it invents. It bears full responsibility for decades of high crimes. It gets away with mass murder. It does so with impunity.

Washington, Canada and other Western nations turn a blind eye to its worst crimes. Victims are blamed instead.

"Israel's existence nor its policies are responsible for the instability in the Middle East today," claims Harper.

The Israeli/NATO alliance bears full responsibility. Harper lied claiming otherwise.

He swore allegiance to Israel. "(T)through fire and water, Canada will stand with you," he said.

He supports Israel's worst crimes. He violates fundamental rule of law principles doing so.

Harper's conservative government represents the worst of one-sided extremism. Double standard duplicity defines it. So does imperial lawlessness.

Calling Israel a "light of freedom and democracy (in a) region of darkness" mocks reality.

So does calling anti-Zionism the new anti-Semitic face. Previous articles explained. Zionism is corrosive, destructive, racist, extremist, undemocratic and hateful.

It claims Jewish supremacy, specialness and uniqueness. It espouses violence. It deplores peaceful coexistence.

It chooses confrontation over diplomacy. It prioritizes militarism, belligerence, intimidation and naked aggression.

It's repugnant, indefensible, destructive and malignant. It's the enemy of Jews and non-Jews alike.

It's polar opposite fundamental moral and ethical values. It's an out-of-control monster. It threatens its host. It threatens humanity.

Peace, stability and security depend on stopping its ruthless extremism. Supporting it assures greater trouble than already. Endorsing what demands condemnation can't be tolerated.

Canada sold its soul to Israel. It did so to America. Harper represents its dark side.

Canada is on the same slippery slope as its partners. It's plagued by the same dynamic.

It's fast-tracking toward tyranny. It's militaristic. It neoliberally harms its own people.

It's no longer a fair arbiter/promoter of just causes. Egalitarianism is disappearing altogether. Sleeping with twin devils rubs off.

McQuaig calls Harper America's "unctuous little sidekick." The same holds for Israel.

She compared Canada's government, corporate, and military officials to 19th century compradors.

Modern-day ones are subservient US junior partners. Canada's soul went on the auction block years ago.

Canadians suffer increasingly like Americans. They're force-fed the worst of all possible worlds.

Allying one-sidedly with Washington and Israel assures worse than ever ahead. It assures what no one should tolerate.

Ordinary people have a choice: Resist or perish. There's no in between.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at

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Comment by J E Andreasen
Entered on:

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lies, Damn Lies, and MK Dr. Ahmed Tibi

Posted by Jameel @ The Muqata

The other day Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke at Israel's parliament.  Rarely does Israel hear such an impassioned, pro-Israel speech on the floor of the Knesset, let alone from the leader of a foreign country.

The first speech in the Knesset by a Canadian prime minister was peppered with standing ovations, the enthusiastic likes of which may not have been seen since Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the US Congress in 2011.

Statements like “through fire and water, Canada will stand with you” were met with rousing rounds of applause, and though clapping is against Knesset protocol, even Speaker Yuli Edelstein joined in.

The Canadian premier said he believes “it is right to support Israel because, after generations of persecution, the Jewish people deserve their own homeland and deserve to live safely and peacefully in that homeland. 

“Let me repeat that: Canada supports Israel because it is right to do so,” he emphasized. “It is... a Canadian tradition to stand for what is principled and just, regardless of whether it is convenient or popular.” (JPost)

Unable to control himself at such a passionate outpouring of Zionist ethos, MK Ahmed Tibi from the Ra'am (United Arab List) - Ta'al party interrupted Harper's speech spewing protected-freedom-of-speech lies: Israel's is an apartheid state and the like...culminating that his fellow Arab MK, Taleb Abu Arar doesn't even have water or electricity in his village.

Its unfortunate that the world takes every word from MK Tibi's mouth as sacred.

Not only does MK Taleb Abu Arar's village (and personal home) have water, sewage, electricity, gas delivery, garbage removal, telephone/high speed internet infrastructure and free State sponsored education, but MK Taleb Abu Arar's impoverished and apartheid home also has Satellite TV.

Satellite TV Dish on MK Taleb Abu Arar's home  -- taken 22/1/2014
Photo by Meir Deutch, Regavim

Here's an easy tip to know when MK Dr. Ahmed Tibi is lying.

His lips are moving.

Comment by J E Andreasen
Entered on:

Feiglin: When I am PM, Tibi Will be in Jail

MK Feiglin confronts MK Tibi over his outburst during the Canadian Prime Minister's speech.

By Elad Benari

First Publish: 1/23/2014, 12:15 AM


MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) on Wednesday confronted MK Ahmed Tibi (Ra’am-Ta’al) at the Knesset over his behavior during Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit earlier this week.

Feiglin got up during a Knesset debate, which Tibi was chairing in his capacity as Deputy Knesset Speaker, and told Tibi that his outburst during Harper’s speech had shamed the Knesset.

"You lied, you shamed the plenum, you acted like a man without respect. You were disrespectful towards this house and towards yourself,” Feiglin told Tibi, who responded by having Feiglin removed from the plenum.

Tibi shouted down the Canadian Prime Minister as he expressed his affection for Israel and the Jewish people during his speech on Monday, shouting that Israel was an “apartheid state” before storming out.

Tibi also pointed out to fellow Arab MK Taleb Abu Arar and told Harper that “there was no water or electricity in his village.”

The Regavim movement, an NGO watchdog group for Jewish national property rights, later exposed Tibi’s lie when it uploaded video images of Abu Arar’s village and showed his home which includes an air-conditioning unit, satellite TV dish, electric lines and an electric meter.

Feiglin related to Wednesday’s incident on his Facebook page and wrote, “Today I told Tibi what every sane Israeli feels for him - especially after his lying outburst during the speech of the Knesset’s guest, the Prime Minister of Canada."

He added, "When I - with G-d’s help - will be prime minister, this advisor to the murderer Arafat will be in prison and not in the Israeli Knesset."


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