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4409 -- Cop Shot in FACE ambushing Resident

Written by Subject: Videos by 4409
This is NOT whether or not the ACCUSED was a nice guy or not. He was probably a complete asshole criminal. This is about the ACCUSER (police) using an ambush method in order to make an arrest. The tactic is almost always bound to cause an adverse reaction, one in which I think certain people on the force want. After all...the now can say, see they want us dead. 

The "no-knock" tactic should be called ambushing and when you ambush people they get startled and are prone to act out of the normal human behavior of self preservation.

On the scale of stupidity the no-knock ambush is probably a 9.  

Lets not forget the official fairytale that people in this country are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Ambushing a pot-smoker at 5:30 in the morning damaging his house and risking the lives of everyone involved is not presuming innocence, its presuming guilt.  This guy did not have the codes to a nuclear bomb...he was an alleged common drug dealer.

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