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Changes Are Afoot for Freeman's Perspective

Written by Subject: Positive News

I'm happy to announce that we are moving our free blog over to Casey Research. I've known Doug Casey for many years, and he's been inviting me to his community in Argentina for quite some time. So when I was invited to speak at a conference there a few months ago, I took the opportunity.

After the conference, I discussed FMP with David Galland, Doug's partner (along with Olivier Garrett) in Casey Research. Long story short, we came up with a plan to move the free blog to Casey Research, where it will get much wider distribution, and to leave our monthly subscription newsletter just as it is.

So, from now on, our free articles will appear in the Friday edition of the Casey Daily Dispatch, which I will edit. You can continue to receive them by simply entering your email address here:

We will send occasional emails to this FMP list as well, but only as circumstances warrant, not every week.

As I say, this move gives us a much wider audience, which is a good thing for a newsletter. And, you'll get a bit more content every week. We're expecting good things of this move.

And those of you who subscribe to the monthly newsletter can expect a new issue this weekend.

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