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Column by Ernest Hancock: 2023 Predictions by Ernest Hancock

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2023 Predictions by Ernest Hancock

I predict that 2023 will be recognized as The End of The Beginning for….

I can pull quotes and statistics from dozens of FreedomsPhoenix articles supporting just about any trend I wish to make a case for. Our radar is blip'n all over our screens with warnings of all sorts of dangers already banging on our doors.

I suspect that these soul trying times are similar to the circumstances that prompted the exploration of and migrations to far away lands. Great hardships were anticipated and endured willingly for the opportunity of a better life away from mandated notions of others that demanded compliance and often even worship of humans considered to be theirs' to control and exploit… because they could.

Today I was sent via a friend this news... $2000 is promised parents for a "Pediatric Covid-19 Vaccine Study" of their 6-11 year old boys and girls. Add to that news of Central Bank Digital Currencies tracking every transaction that will allow 'They/Them/Those that will not leave us alone' the ability to permit or deny purchase,

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