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4409 -- Dog Murderer on the loose...OMG

Written by Subject: Videos by 4409
The Humane Society is a complete Scam
SWAT style raid insues over a man who decided to put his dog down himself INSTEAD of feeding the STATE and the Humane (LOL) Society by using their  poison injection techniques.
Call Mark Langan (402) 444-7800
at the Nebraska Humane Society. Tell him that these type of political stunts will not be tolerated.

What a complete waste of tax dollars for his grand standing dog and pony show. This man should be fired and the company should be desolved.

The Humane Society if a FRAUD and is out of control and they need to leave Mr. Palmer alone! The Humane Society is just another company running amuck using YOUR tax dollars to ruin peoples lives.

Nebraska Humane Society Office Hours:

8am-7pm Weekdays
8am-4pm Saturdays
Noon-4pm Sundays

Email them a link to this video...

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