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Comment by Niki Raapana
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Dave, this article is fantastic. It's wonderful to read how others grasp the horrendous implications of the new law and what it means to Americans. Thank you! I'm sorry it took me so long to find it. Please stop by the ACL when you have a chance, I think you'll find a lot of material there that you may be able to use in your future articles about communitarian law and policies.

Comment by Anonymous
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I'm a different Dave Hodges, and I just wanted you to know that "Tent Lady" who commented above is NOT the real TENT LADY who has done the writing/resarch from the famous Anti-Communitarian League website. If you want HONEST information about Communitarianism, the ACL is the best place to find it. If this "other" Dave Hodges used the real Tent Lady's information to write his article, certianly he should credit/reference said sources.

Ladies and gentlemen DO NOT BE FOOLED 99% of the truth seeker/political opposition websites on the internet are FRAUDS. Likely Freedom's Phoenix is among them. Any website with all "patriotic" regalia, touting freedom and tooting their "were exposing the bad guys" mantra are VERY LIKELY frauds.

Please see and read her blog spot to futher understand the true value of Mr. Hodges article.

Thank You!

Dave Hodges

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