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Comment by foundZero
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Before all the facts are in, it seems like this man meant to burn his freaking wife and child alive.

Can we or should we say you have made a rush for judgement oh my esteemed brother Larkin Rose?

Burning women and children to death have NEVER, EVER been part of the Constitutionalist platform, however much it might have happened to us Native Americans.

Never mistake honor with cowardice. This man purportedly commited murder most fowl. There is no, there will never be a justification for the murder of innocents. There is only a rationaliztion.

And for every rationalization there is  man looking to get even.

This man put himself under a blood obligation. So to you whom would style yoursevels rational, where does this particular blood letting stop?

Comment by Chris Broughton
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I pray that no innocent people where hurt in this clear act of justified self defense against the violent criminal gang known as the I.R.S.

Comment by Lance Winslow
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 I have been doing a lot of reading on this event. I have observed many folks calling Mr. Stacks a terrorist, but is he the terrorist or is it rather the IRS that terrorizes all of us, using FEAR to collect our taxes and then burning 45% of what they collect in the administration of the collection process. What we need is Tax Reform, simplification, and a system that does not steal our money to pay interest on money that our politicians have decided to spend, by taking it from us and redistributing it.

I do not condone, these actions, and like you Mr. Rose, I am a solid American, and agree that we need to carefully review this issue, as there are things "we" as in "ALL" of us need to talk about, a national discussion on the IRS, taxation system, and our society and civilization. What we do not need is more rules on General Aviation at a time China is trying to steal that industry too. We do not need more surveillance on the American People to search for, if not inadvertently creating home-grown terrorists. What we need is a review of what the government, IRS and such are doing wrong. We need to fix the problem, not chock off a man who had is life ruined by the IRS, as they have ruined plenty of Americans, and have been involved in the past targeting folks for political, competitive business, and civil rights reasons.

I read the Unabomber's Manifesto also, I did not condone what he did, not in the least, but I did understand what he wrote and it made me think, some of his points were quite accurate. When people cannot be heard, have their individual lives taken from them, and everything they stood for shown to be a lie, when their lives, businesses, and all their life's work, savings, etc, taken, when they tried to do everything right - we are going to have a problem. This was one such incident, there are many, we all know people who've been ruined by the IRS, they do it to keep people in line and collect the tax using fear and examples. Mr. Stacks chose not to be an example, he voted with his life.

As someone who loves aviation, I feel it unfortunate the repercussions, there will now be more rules and regulations, taking away more freedom. If we want to stop these types of events we have to insist that OUR Government not destroy the lives of the individuals that have along with their ancestors built it. If we fail to act and fix these problems, I fear more problems ahead similar to this one, and if we fail, we've lost everything anyway.

What happened today is not okay, nor was what the IRS did to Mr. Stacks. We need to not make the same mistake that the King made in the colonies, and we need to not have individuals which have lost everything or are taxed into oblivion to dress up like Indians wasting good tea, or good Piper aircraft. Think on this, because it is a serious issue, one we Americans must solve. 


Comment by foundZero
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Ineed Larkin, as the previous poster implied, there are certainly limits.

 Larkin, there are few among us who can judge you who have gone to jail and suffered persectution like you have, but even me, I can see just one thing: this man allowed himself to be robbed of his essential humanity and because of him valuing himself as 0, he valued others as expendible.

Larkin Rose, you are an example of one who has undergone this punishment and come out on top, a man, a man of reason and sensibility and to date, none of us have seen you fly an airplane into a building, quite the contrary.

Brother Larkin, I do not know if I could suffer what you have been through but I pray that my mind never be so bent as to do as this man is purported to have done and I don't think you would have done so for anything be it ever so severe.

Brother Larkin, I admire you for your restraint as a man. Not neccesarily as you have done so much as you have refrained from certain actions.

Brother, any man can fly off the handle. You have done what few of us can do. So you set the standard. You are a man in my heart.

Comment by Lowell Morse
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It took courage to write this article.  "We" all know what the truth is.  It's unfortunate that it tastes so bitter.


Shine on Free Press and Free Thinkers.




Lowell L Morse

Comment by Karen Whalen
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You of all people should see that this whole incident smells of 'false flag'. come on!  Most ridiculous, verbose, implicating-of-any-type-of-patriot "suicide note" that ever existed.   Give me a break!

Comment by Larken Rose
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As I heard it, Mr. Stack's wife and daughter spent the night in a motel. They came back to find the house on fire. That doesn't sound to me like he was trying to kill them. It sounds like he was trying not to. There is plenty about what happened that I don't like. For one thing, it seems like it wasn't just HIS house he burned down. It sounds like his wife and daughter lived there, too. (Then again, maybe the IRS would have stolen it anyway, and they certainly don't care who calls the place "home.") Nonetheless, on the whole, I have to commend Mr. Stack for what he did. If one out of a million of the IRS' victims actually DID something significant to resist the injustice, there wouldn't be an IRS any more. As for the possibility that this was a "false flag" tactic, I doubt it. If it was, it was probably the stupidest false flag stunt ever, as the guy is getting quite a bit of sympathy and support for what he did. These days, by DEFAULT I assume that whatever the media says is a lie, but in this case, it would be a major botch-up by the tyrants. It's also interesting to note that the FBI (Fascist Bastards, Inc.) immediately saw to it that Mr. Stack's suicide note, posted on his own web site, was immediately taken down. Even in death, his Constitutional rights are being violated. Good thing Al Gore invented the internet for all of us, so the control freaks can't make history disappear completely.

Comment by Crisps
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I've been under the Thumb of the I.R.S. many years ago.... I know what it'a like to receive the the constant "threats" and worse the "penalties" and "Interest" constantly accruing on the amount that one cannot pay in it's entirety at the time. Everytime I saw the return address on the envelope from the I.R.S. my stomach would start making acid, my body temp would rise and my heart filled with fear. but I never thought of killing myself or anyone else. Yeah I thought it would be cool for someone to take a military plane and unload its cargo on the biggest I.R.S. bldg it could reach - but - reality would set in and I wouldn't want someones mom or dad to be killed because of the law "MAKERS" and law "ENFORCEMENT" Officers activities! I think this system is dying and in the end we will be done in by the Greed and twisted thinking of those elected to "serve and protect" (Political) and Private.

Comment by Micah Kluth
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I agree something has to be done with the American system or else it will continue to decline. The government spends more then it makes and forces it's citizens to flip the bill through higher taxes. All the while those in government never suggest a pay cut for themselves. I was listening to my local radio station interview one such individual who stated that it would take a major piece of legislature to allow them to take a pay cut. It sort of begs the question, why is writing a small straight forward bill to take a pay cut so much harder then writing the maze of contradiction that is our tax system? It seems that the majority of the time it is the middle class that ends up having to pay the bill while the upper class uses loopholes and opposes the idea of a flat tax that everyone pays. I am proud that Mr. Stack had the courage to stand up for what he believed in and to act upon that belief. However, his attack will have no effect and was not well thought out. He attacked a building that employed individuals who had no power to change the system. Worse yet there was probably people in the building who shared his own beliefs, and were there to try and resolve their own issues. If he would have targeted those taking the payoffs, taking  the bailouts, and killed them and only them then it would have gave others like them pause. These people need to ask themselves, is taking this money worth having someone like Mr. Stack hunt my ass down and kill me? They need to understand that the American people WILL rise up against injustice and take action against them. This action only made a martyr of the man, and although caused much needed discussion it probably set back any real change in all honesty. We are Americans, we are not terrorists, if any attack is to be made it should be made with the up most respect for human life and with no chance of harming innocent bystanders.

Comment by Robert Todd
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 Those that have done Joe Stack dirt will be judged by Joe himself.

Comment by Patriot 2012
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No Oyate, 

How dare you! First off...we live in a country where the American people are Collateral damage over and over again.(911 is an example)  So don't lecture anyone about women and children. They will always be in the way of war, Any War! I think you have your head in the sand deep down!  Are you going to call American Patriots that fight back this Felony government Terrorist? Just like the British did during the Revolutionary war! Anyone and I mean anyone that works for a Domestic enemy such as the Feds is guilty by association. Its not a one way street either. That means for all those Nazi's that only said they were following orders, are they guilty for working for the enemy? Before you condemn Mr. Stack, first look at the war in Iraq with all those women and children that were killed. Mr. Stack is and will always be a true American Patriot for what he went through with the IRS and did all he could to make change? Have you tried yourself to make change?

Comment by foundZero
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@ Larkin, it seems I got caught in the loop of contemporaneous news reports. I heard the guy tried to torch his house with wifey and little gal inside. I am HIGHLY GRATEFUL to find I am wrong and this obviously calls for a recalculation of the Oyate judgement. Alas. I live, I learn. Respect to you bro.

@ Patriot 2012, I don't know how I dare but I do it all the time.

Comment by foundZero
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@ whoever called me a plant, dude, if you or anyone you know will pay me to do this, man, I am so totally down.  I'm willing to be me under any flag, agency or office that will give me money just to be me. CIA? Been waiting for those guys. NSA? No problem. Mossad? Sure, if those guys wanna steer some of our tax dollars right back in my pocket, I'm thrilled. I just got one condition. Or two. I get to stay right where I am and do the fuck as I please.

I have always deeply suspected in my heart that I am a national treasure. Not a top-rated one, a mid-level national treasure. Like not up there with the Statue Of Liberty but more as the guy that dated her in high school.

That's whey I have to chuckle every time somebody uses the phrase "sons of liberty".

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