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Comment by TL Winslow
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"Ahead of May 15 Nakba commemorations, massive crowds assembled in Cairo's Tahrir (Liberation) Square in solidarity. They displayed banners, proclaiming, "The People want the Rafah Crossing opened," and "Palestine is a Arab state."

"They also waved Palestinian flags, chanting "Solidarity with the Palestinian Intifada" and "National Unity" ahead of a planned weekend march to Gaza. More on that below." 

Sorry, Israel is a Jewish state, and no matter how much Arab oil money is used to pay for propaganda like this, it will stay a Jewish state. If Egyptians are in such solidarity with Arabs living in squalid camps in Palestine by their own doing, why don't they help resettle them in Egypt, far away from the Jewish state of Israel? Answer, they attacked Israel over and over from day one, and when they lost, they squatted, waiting for the chance to attack again. Now it's they who are the victims of Israeli fascism. They can resettle in millions of square miles of Arab territory anytime they want, and Israel won't stop them.

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