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Comment by PureTrust
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Wonderful, eloquent words. But how do we implement them?

In America, we have become used to the luxuries. From cars to can openers... we do NOT want to give them up.

Back in 1980, just to build a single crankshaft for an automobile V-8 engine, from scratch, without using any of the tooling already set up for making crankshafts, would have cost - and did cost, in the R & D experimental ones - in the range of $100,000. That's 1 crankshaft for 1 V-8 engine.

The car companies that did this in 1980, needed to sell a lot of cars to make enough profit to build a crankshaft from scratch. Or, they needed a lot of credit with the banks to borrow enough money to do it.

Cyberspace technology is similar. Now that we have it, it seems easy. But the getting of it cost fortunes in money, time and loss of personal freedom for many folks who worked on getting it. And the R & D is still expensive.

Individuals and companies that invent and build cyberspace technology and equipment have their hands full doing their job. They are a government to themselves... if they weren't, they would never remain organized enough to get anything done.

So, where do WE fit into all this? Basic areas that I see:
1. We ALL need to become watch-dogs, watching over our national Governments, protecting the inventors and the companies, from the greedy leeches in Governments, that would try to take the inventions away from the inventors;
2. Watch-dogs over the inventors so that they do not become overly greedy and try to enslave the people using their inventions... enslave us, the ones who are protecting them;
3. We ALL need to become inventors ourselves, to make new inventions that free everybody up for inventing easier-to-make inventions of every kind, so that we all can prosper in life.

All of this takes "GOVERNMENT" of sorts... especially in this world of free thinking, where everyone seems to have his own, personal philosophy of life.

If we do NOT lay our petty differences aside, and voluntarily stand together against those of the world who would steal our freedom, we and our technology will fail. But... here is the big, big, BIG question: Who is going to LEAD us in this GIGANTIC effort???

Comment by JustinTyme
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@PureTrust (#10621) To say "But... here is the big, big, BIG question: Who is going to LEAD us in this GIGANTIC effort???" implies that you need a shepherd.  Which means you may be one of the "sheeple".  With the other statements you've made about the fact that we all need to be watch dogs and inventors ourselves.  How 'bout you go first?  After all, the sheep follow the shepherd because they are coerced.  Individuals follow "leaders" because they believe that he's on the right path.

No ill will intended.  But, your remarks were contradictory.

Regards, JT

Comment by PureTrust
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So, how do you do it... save the country, that is? Or don't you? A lot of "innocent" sheeple will be hurt, and die, simply because simply because there is no organization among the sheeple that is strong enough to resist the Empire.

Even if organization means to simply inform each other of the segments of doom as they hit, so that we can flee as they approach, that is a form of Government... albeit a very wobbly one that is probably not really worth much.

To have absolutely NO government at all simply means that you leave your family and run for your life. If you stay to fight for your family, or for a fallen friend, there is government in that. That is where government starts.

Comment by JustinTyme
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I hate to sound like a defeatist.  However, at this point, I don't believe it's possible.  If you create an organization, "they'll" take it out or infiltrate and discredit/corrupt it.

It's going to have to be every individual taking the action they believe will best advance their ideals.  If enough individuals have similar ideals, then that will be the direction the country takes.

As evidenced by the co-opting of the Tea Party movement because the vast majority of the population is easily fooled because of their addition to the main stream media, it'll be interesting to see how it all turns out.

If you believe you have a plan, begin it and if I believe in your plan, I'll follow you.

My plan is to pay attention and do my best to help others learn what's really going on and encourage them to do the same.


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