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Comment by TL Winslow
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It's too bad that Blahman still spreads his yellow journalism to make a saubuck - as in Saudi bucks - instead of getting a life. What does he think people have stamped on their foreheads? The word dumb---?

He literally lists the key prophets telling the truth about the incompatibility of the ideology of Islam with that of the West, and smears them by sheer name-calling, especially parading the fake term "Islamophobia", which is the closest that CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood fronts he works for can come for an analog to racism, when Islam isn't a race in the first place, nobody is born that way, and anybody can chuck it if they want. What does "Islamophobia" mean anyway? That 't's wrong to fear Islam? In other words, you're supposed to welcome it taking over the West and telling us all what to do and think?

How sick can Lendman get?

Notice that he never goes into details with the works of these "Islamophobes" by taking them on point by point, but only seeks to smear them, contenting himself with listing some of their conclusions and wanting us to believe they're ipso facto wrong just because he says so. The truth is that he can't defeat them with truth, because they have the truth, and his only hope is to install fear of reading them into his dupes.

The bottom line with Islam is that Allah is dead, so the whole edifice is rotten. Islam is what you might call a failed Science. Too bad, over a billion dupes still fall for it, and hard leftists see Muslim immigration as the fastest easiest way to undermine the traditional American power structure and create anarchy and civil war to soften it up for their Commie paradise, never mind how many have to die, or that it might plunge the world itself into a new Dark Age when WMDs are factored in. Who cares what silly garbage Muslims believe? What makes Islam dangerous is its political aspirations to dominate the world. As Pamela Geller recently put it: "I don't care if you worship a stone, just don't stone me with it". People like Lendman are proof that Muslims will spend any amount on propaganda to confuse the non-Muslim world, while simultaneously working to shut up the truth-tellers. As Pamela Geller put it: "This is a very dangerous time. You must get activated, because no action is an action, and I will tell you that your children will not grow up in any world that you will recognize. We are entering a very dark age, and you will not like what comes after America."

Yes, why not get activated? Where can you get a top-levl daily lists of links to all the key bloggers on Islam's threat to the West, along with a great blog list if you want to subscribe to some or all of them on your own?


Comment by David Jackson
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    It's just a bit tiresome to continually put up with those amongst us who have never had an original thought in their lives, as we are relentlessly bomarded by their inane and patently stupid pronouncements, regarding the "threats" to the American Way.

     As a former WASP, I'd like to request that those who still take refuge behind that unprincipled dogma of one of the most spurious of social subsets to practice your bigotry in the privacy of your own home or non-public arena.

     As for the Islamists, I wouldn't trust them any farther than I could throw all of you. However, I wouldn't trust you any farther than I could throw all of them.

     As for denying any religion, any CITIZEN of the U.S. is entitled to whatever might be left of citizenship "rights and priviledges". As for a cadre of illegals sneaking into the country and working to undermine the security and soverignty of our nation, there are laws to deal with such subversive behavior, and they should be enforced.

     If freedom is a principle - most don't really believe in it - then it is by definition not situational. Why does it matter what a person or group believes in? So long as they don't attempt to deny the same freedom of belief (assembly) to others or to force their belif system(s) on anyone, they should be free to do as they will. ( I've never KNOWN A SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN who wasn't a biased coward.

     As for the political scum who use religion as a springboard to power or elective office, they are the same simple-minded parasites as the people who would follow them. Give us all a break! We need reasoned and rational ideas and solutions - not smoke and mirrors and superstitious slight-of-mind.

     God help us! Even the Bible warns of "false prophets". Does anyone really know anyone else to whom any god has actually spoken? No matter what sort of voodoo one requires to make sense of the nonsensical, there are intelligent and truly human ideals and concepts that should be common to all sentient and civilized social interaction...Not a single one of which require that a group of fools get tell another group of fools how to respond or believe. Right and wrong are simply not the exculsive "property" of any man-made system of social subversion and subjugation!

     For the record, I have frends who are Muslim. they know how I feel. I have no friends who are Christians, and they know how I feel. that they don't want to be associated with me means I'm doing something right.


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