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Comment by TL Winslow
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Once again Lendman is apparently cashing Saudi oil money checks for buckets of word puke.

Read my lips: there never was any Muslim nation of Palestine, and there is no such thing as Muslim Palestinians. They're all just Arabs who once had a great Umma or Borg Hive centered in Mecca that was taken over by the Ottoman Turks until the Brits took the Holy Land back in WWI. After that the Arabs got the idea of restoring the Umma and showed none of the toleration for Jewish immigrants that the Turks showed, staging bloodbath after bloodbath, and fighting every attempt of the Jews to establish the state of Israel to this day. And not just the Arabs living in Palestine - all Arabs worked together as one against the hated Jews. The percentage of Arabs squatting on that tiny piece of the Arab Ummah never wanted a state of Palestine, as proved by it being offered them from day one by the U.N., with Israeli approval, which they flatly refused in favor of jihad and future annihilation of Israel. So what's the point of pushing the non-starter of a 2-state solution when they want it all, and even more, to restart the Arab Ummah, with all Arabs freely traveling anywhere in it like in the good old days, ultimately with a new caliphate based in Jerusalem.

Thus, it's easily seen that Lendman is full of moose hockey. He is not intellectually honest, but obviously just trying to work to weaken and finally exterminate the Jewish state of Israel, using the Fakestinian garbage as a tactic, probably for some filthy lucre - not that I can prove it in court, call it a psychic vibration :) How many of his readers really have Dumbass stamped on their foreheads like he thinks?

Leave the turkeys and fly with the eagles:




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