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Comment by David Jackson
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    The Amish had better beware! They are "independent" and self-sustaining, which makes them a threat to Big Mother and all her goons - no offense, ladies; I'm referring to the whore we call governement. (To clarify:  I mean no disrespect to "real" whores, who actually work for a living.)

   Just in case you missed the lecture:  If (because) you can't really totally control what people think, your next best control mechanism is how and what they eat. (This, for those of you who missed the point, or weren't born, is the real reason the government was so adamantly against the hippie/communal movement of the 60s, and the so-called "survivalist" movement of the 70s and 80s. It's also why they are so worried about alternative and organic farms and those who want to keep Mother out of the supplement business. It's not a fluke that agri-business thrives and family farms are almost a fond memory.)

   If you want to feed the world - cheaply,  you'll have to ask permission, pay some dues, and sell your soul. The last thing you will be allowed is to develop or sustain any functional alternatives to the control mechanisms of the social engineers who call themselves politicians, you will have to join the "club". I guarantee you, if you attempt to function on your own, you will be ruined, at best, killed, at worst! Why do think otherwise decent individuals quit the Congress after a single term, or become the smarmy sell-outs who continue in public (self)service?

    This is so pathetic...!

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